Awesome short film shows Star Wars from the Empire’s perspective

Awesome short film shows Star Wars from the Empire’s perspective.

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7 things you didn’t know about the funnest movie series: Fast & Furious

7 things you didn’t know about the funnest movie series: Fast & Furious.

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Escaping from Zip Ties

Learn How to Escape from Zip Ties with ITS Tactical

via Escaping from Zip Ties – YouTube.

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How To Escape Duct Tape

If you ever find yourself in the precarious situation of being held captive and bound with duct tape, you’ll be glad you watched this video of a CIA-agent proven method to escape the sticky stuff in a snap.

via How To Escape Duct Tape.

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3D-printed Iron Man gauntlet becomes a kid’s awesome bionic arm

It looks like Iron Man’s arm, but it’s actually a fully-functioning bionic prosthetic for a seven-year-old kid. Electronically wired and capable of moving, it can, for instance, open and close its hand if the user flexes their bicep. The limb was created by Limbitless Solutions, a non-profit made up of engineering students from the University of Central Florida, using donations and money they saved by sacrificing coffee. They specialize in designing 3D-printed limbs for children, because kids will quickly outgrow more expensive bionic limbs. Sure, their creations don’t have the sense of touch and can’t be controlled by thoughts, but kids will definitely appreciate looking like their favorite robot or superhero.

Each limb costs the team around $350 in materials — they use a 3D printer from the university’s lab — and takes them approximately 30 to 50 hours to make. The Iron Man-inspired arm, in particular, was made for a kid named Alex, who also got an Optimus Prime version for Christmas. Alex even got to chitchat with Tony Stark a.k.a. Robert Downey Jr. when he was presented his new arm, and you can watch their meeting below. If you want to support the team and have them print out more cool arms for kids, you can donate via PayPal through their website.

via 3D-printed Iron Man gauntlet becomes a kid’s awesome bionic arm.

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Think Your Smartphone Can’t Be a Satellite? – iQ by Intel

NASA turns your mobile phone into a satellite by sending it into outer space.

When President Kennedy issued the moon mandate in 1961 and ignited the space race between the Soviet Union and the United States, NASA received mounting pressure to innovate comprehensively and quickly. The research and development NASA put to use in launching a vessel at escape velocity speeds yielded some of the most pivotal technology of the 20th century — everything from microwave ovens to Velcro, as the saying goes.

A half-century later, and facing looming budget cuts, NASA now operates differently, often using readily available consumer technology to perform more with less.

NASA’s latest satellite program makes use of both the latest innovations and antiquated technology dating back to WWII.

Enter PhoneSat, a nanosatellite powered by the Android mobile operating system and the mobile phone’s native camera. That’s to say, the components of a smartphone you bought off the shelf and carry around in your pocket every day are the same as those used by an innovative new space project.

via Think Your Smartphone Can’t Be a Satellite? – iQ by Intel.

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Smallest drone in the world: Privacy is toast | BGR

Privacy seems like such a quaint 20th Century concept, doesn’t it? Unbox Therapy has posted a video of the CX-10 Mini Drone, which is described as the world’s smallest drone and is a definite harbinger of things to come. In other words, it looks like privacy is finally toast.

The good news with this particular drone is that Unbox Therapy says you’ll have to fly it indoors since it’s so small and light that a good gust of wind could blow it down. This means that you can’t use it to secretly peep on into your neighbor’s window, for instance, or to trail someone while they’re walking outside.

All the same: At least with standard-sized drones there’s no way to miss them. If you’re being trailed by one or if one is hovering outside your window, there’s a decent chance you’ll see it. But as they get smaller and quieter as technology improves, they’ll be much harder to detect and will open up the door for every amateur NSA agent in your neighborhood to keep an eye on everything.

At any rate, Unbox Therapy’s video of of the CX-10 Mini Drone is very entertaining and you should check it out below.

via Smallest drone in the world: Privacy is toast | BGR.

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