This manicure is also a roofie detector

An experimental nail polish line called Undercover Colors can do more than color your nails to match those shoes: it can tell if your drink’s been spiked by a dubious date. Just pretend to stir the drink with your finger, and the polish will change color the moment it detects GHB, Rohypnol or Xanax aka date rape drugs or roofies in the liquid. Pretty cool, right? And certainly useful, seeing as 1. date rape drugs are typically odorless and tasteless, and 2. a recent Washington Post report has revealed that sexual assault cases on college campuses continue to grow from year to year.Undercover Colors’ creators, a team of students from North Carolina State University have been working on the line for the past year. They’ve started shopping it to potential investors this summer, and, thus far, have raised $100,000 from a single investor and made some cash from a competition. The team’s still in the midst of testing the product, so you’ll have to make do with boring nail polishes and date-rape-drug-detecting coasters for now.

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A Brilliant Device That Completely Reinvents Crutches

Modern crutches are still less than a century old, and dozens of designers have taken a stab at improving them. But while most attempts are variations on a familiar theme, one entry to James Dyson Foundation’s annual Dyson Award proposes a solution that improves on even the best recent alternatives.

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Upgrade Windows with only a product key – Windows Help

If you bought Windows 8.1 or Windows 8, you can download and install Windows from this page using just your product key. You’ll have the option to install Windows now, later, or using media with an ISO file.

Before you begin:

Make sure you’re on the PC you want to upgrade. If you’re updating to Windows 8.1, this PC must be running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 Preview. If you already have the latest version of Windows 8 installed on your PC, you can update to Windows 8.1 in the Windows Store for free…

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Watch Out: This Facebook Scam Exploits Robin Williams’ Death for Clicks

Have you seen Facebook posts claiming to link to a video message that actor Robin Williams made before his death earlier this week? Do not click on it — the video does not exist. The post was created by scammers looking to make a quick buck off the tragic death of a beloved entertainer.And just because your friends have shared the link on Facebook doesn’t mean it’s legitimate. If you click on it, you’ll be brought to a Web page that demands you share the link on your own Facebook and fill out a survey before you can view the alleged video.

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Absent major changes, Puerto Rico faces a fiscal calamity – Economics – AEI

Puerto Rico needs to stop spending, and it can start with its bloated bureaucracy. Some 24% of all jobs are in government, compared with 16% in the U.S. Other fixable problems include what The Economist calls “inflated benefit payments, for disability for instance, [that] discourage work” as well as “stunted infrastructure and crime.”

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Moonwalking? Strange Silhouette on Lunar Surface Goes Viral | The Daily Grail

We sure live in interesting times. Advances in the processing power of commercial computers, combined with faster Internet connections and freely available content provided by public institutions, have prompted the emergence of the armchair space researcher: Individuals who are willing to commit all their free time scouring through thousands of images released by Nasa, taken by the satellites surveying the distant surface of Mars, as well as our own pockmarked natural satellite, the Moon.

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The American Plan to Build Nuclear Power Plants in the Ocean

A new nuclear power plant hasn’t been built in the U.S. in over 30 years. But in the 1970s nuclear power was still in many ways a low-emissions dream of the future.In 1975, nuclear power accounted for about 4 percent of the electrical energy generated in the United States. But some people at that time were predicting that by the dawn of the 21st century, nuclear power might supply over 50 percent of electrical energy needed in this country. Nuclear power currently produces 19.2 percent of electricity in the U.S.In the early 1970s, plans were set into motion which would have seen eight to ten offshore nuclear power plants built by 1999. Each power plant was envisioned to produce 1,150 megawatts of electricity, enough for a city of about 600,000 at the time.The plan was devised by Offshore Power Systems OPS, a partnership between Tenneco and Westinghouse. In 1972, a New Jersey utility company contracted with OPS to build an offshore nuclear power plant in Jacksonville, Florida, and tow it to New Jersey. The $1.1 billion contract to build the plant was even signed at sea — aboard a yacht just off the New Jersey coast. The power plants would have been gigantic barges anchored a few miles off the American coastline, starting with Brigantine, New Jersey.Why build a power plant at sea? Nuclear power plants require a tremendous amount of water for cooling and moving nuclear power plants offshore provides easy access to water without raising the ire of potential protesters on land.Gordon P. Selfridge’s 1975 paper “Floating Nuclear Power Plants: A Fleet on the Horizon?”

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