Miracle Frame Repair

A demonstration of Power-TEC’s automotive dent repair system which starts out by placing numerous anchors, then uses a special clamp that perfectly straightens out the damaged metal. It’s not meant for structural supports, but the result is still impressive.

Source: Miracle Frame Repair

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Watch This Magical Concrete Slurp Up 1,000 Gallons of Water In a Minute

A new kind of concrete from the UK building materials company Tarmac instantly soaks up gallons and gallons of H20–simultaneously preventing flood conditions while also conserving water by cycling it directly back into the ground.

It’s called Tarmac Topmix Permeable, and it’s a super-porous concrete pavement designed to remove storm and floodwater from parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, and other surfaces. It was designed by Britain’s LaFarge Tarmac, who call the idea part of a “sustainable urban drainage system.” Water enters the permeable concrete top layer, and then passes through pebbles beneath to become groundwater in the soil.

In 60 seconds, it can drain 4,000 liters of water, or just over 1,000 gallons, according to a promotional video from the company.

The company says that the concrete could be installed anywhere to mitigate flood risk, but anyone who uses it should carry out a survey first to scope out any sinkholes or other possible pitfalls, literal and figurative, in the area.

The one big caveat? If the concrete is installed someplace cold, the water could freeze, which would ruin the whole system. So the company’s next challenge is figuring out a way to build a version of the porous concrete that can adapt to cold climates.Even if it’s relegated to warmer climates for now, a sidewalk that slurps up puddles before soaking our shoes (or worse, our cars or buildings) is a great idea.

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Source: Watch This Magical Concrete Slurp Up 1,000 Gallons of Water In a Minute

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What’s wrong with an opinion?

  Why do people believe that Everyone must agree with everything they say in order to have a conversation with them. More and more people are adopting this, with me or against me attitude. What’s wrong with having a different opinion. It doesn’t make me right and it doesn’t make you wrong. it’s just an opinion. I respect someone that has an opinion more than someone who’s just agreeing with mine, and by the way “because” it’s not a valid argument. Having an opinion is not a sin. Speaking up is not against the law. Being different is not a fault. We do live In a free speech society but please think before you speak. Just because you thought it, you don’t gave to say. Words HURT! What you say matters. How you say something is just as important as what you said. Tolerance is a virtue! Please don’t confuse ignorance with conviction. They are very different things. Look it up! 



Artwork – Science Festival

Please help support my niece by voting for her picture (shown above #12). She worked very hard and we are very proud of her.

Thank You , [STR]

Directions for voting:

Choose your favorite picture from the gallery of artwork below.

Note the number of that picture in the gallery.

Vote by selecting the number in the drop down menu that matches the number of your favorite picture .

Click submit*

Online voting is 1 day only.

Voting begins at 12:00 pm on September 14, 2015 and closes at 12:00pm on September 15, 2015.

Source: Artwork – Science Festival

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No, the iPhone 6s’ camera and mic aren’t spying on you

Whenever a device ships with a feature that involves always-on listening or watching, privacy concerns invariably come up — and the iPhone 6s is no exception. In an attempt to address controversies before the 6s even ships, Apple has told TechCrunch that neither the always-on Siri voice commands nor Live Photos (which records a brief burst of video before and after your photo) are eavesdropping on you. Ultimately, Siri works like the technology you’ve seen on the Moto X — it’s merely waiting for a keyword, not recording whatever you say. What little memory buffer exists (for audio patterns, not sound clips) is automatically erased after a few seconds, and the feature is strictly opt-in.

It’s a similar situation with Live Photos. The iPhone records a total of 3 seconds of video before and after the photo, and it doesn’t save anything until you press the shutter button. Any content is encrypted both on-device and when it’s headed to iCloud, too. Live Photos are turned on by default, but it’s also possible to turn them off when you launch the official camera app.

These answers aren’t surprising if you know how the underlying technology works, but they could be important given growing concerns over surveillance. As you might guess, a pro-privacy company like Apple doesn’t want to give the impression that the NSA or the police are spying on every single conversation or photo session. It’s not exactly an altruistic gesture, then, but it could prevent some manufactured drama in the future.

Source: No, the iPhone 6s’ camera and mic aren’t spying on you

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The fascinating and bloody family tree of the British Royal Family

As we all learned from Game of Thrones (and definitely not sitting through high school history), when there’s a chance to sit on a throne and rule a kingdom, everybody who can sit seemingly wants to be king and queen, even if it means fighting your family members for the chance. Here’s a really fun look at the history of the British Royal Family, from 1066 until today. It plays out like a comedy.

Source: The fascinating and bloody family tree of the British Royal Family

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This Fetal Monitoring System Is The Best Thing Apple Has Ever Done for Women

Of the many new experiences you might have during a high-risk pregnancy, one of the least fun is a fetal monitoring test called a Non-Stress Test, or NST. It really should be called a High-Stress Test because of the anguish it puts parents through. Apple just made it a little bit better.

An NST is the best way for doctors to examine the health of a fetus in the final trimester. Here’s how it works: You’re essentially chained to a zillion monitors for an hour or so while doctors determine if your baby’s heartbeat and movement are normal. This usually has to be done in the hospital and it sometimes has to be done several times in the last few weeks of pregnancy. Due to my high blood pressure, I was admitted into Labor and Delivery six times to do NSTs before my daughter was actually born. (On the bright side, all the nurses knew me when I finally came back to give birth.)

But one of the biggest problems with this whole process is that even with all those sensors, doctors still have a hard time differentiating the mom’s heartbeat from the baby’s, which means they’re moving the sensors around, listening, moving them around, listening. Again, this is all incredibly scary, when you’re already worried about the health of your baby.

Source: This Fetal Monitoring System Is The Best Thing Apple Has Ever Done for Women

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