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This Is How We Are Watching The Apple Event Today

Nailed it. via This Is How We Are Watching The Apple Event Today.

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CasePlug- World’s First iPhone Case with integrated USB Plug by Itav Yosef — Kickstarter

CasePlug is a minimalistic iPhone case which lets you protect, mount, charge, sync and prop your phone wirelessly using a simple plug n’ play method. It connects your phone to a variety of host devices like an electronic Lego piece … Continue reading

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Beautiful iPhone 6 renders based on the latest leaks and rumors | BGR

According to the latest reports, we’re just over a month out from the official unveiling of the iPhone 6 on September 9th. Although we’ve seen a few leaked hardware components from Apple’s next flagship phone, the actual device is still a mystery, but … Continue reading

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Apple’s new Lightning spec allows for smarter, better-sounding headphones

When Apple first unveiled its Lightning connector, there was a debate about whether or not it was needed at all: what can this proprietary tech do that standard micro-USB can’t? Well, it looks like we’re going to find out soon. … Continue reading

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Sorry, But Your iPhone 4 Just Became Obsolete

At Monday’s WWDC keynote, Apple announced a flurry of fun new features. With OS X Yosemite and iOS 8, your Mac and iPhone are closer than ever, opening the door to the Future of Computing. Too bad iPhone 4 users … Continue reading

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Microsoft releases Office for iPad, subscription required for editing docs

Rumors have been circulating for years that Microsoft was working on a version of Office for the iPad, with speculation getting so intense at one point that the company went out of its way to categorically deny it. Still, once … Continue reading

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11 Tech Support Questions My Mom Has Asked Me And How I Answered

Being a tech blogger has made me the default tech support for my family. Especially for my mother. While she\’s pretty savvy, all things considered, she still asks me some pretty funny questions.Rather than getting frustrated that she can\’t remember … Continue reading

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