How the most poisonous fish on Earth can kill humans

The stone fish is the most poisonous fish in the sea and one of the most dangerous in the world. It can easily kill you if you step on it, injecting its venom deep inside your foot. If not treated promptly, the poison will kill you. This video by SmarterEveryDay shows how this simple killing machine works.

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iFind – The World’s First Battery-Free Item Locating Tag by WeTag — Kickstarter

Have you ever wondered where your items are?People have trouble finding their things all the time. An average person spends nearly 10 minutes before leaving their home looking for keys, wallets, or handbags. This can make people late for interviews, meetings, even dates.We get it, and that’s why we solved it. With iFind. watch video here

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World Cup Security Team Accidentally Shares Its Awful Wi-Fi Password

What’s the bigger security crime: having your Wi-Fi password displayed on a big screen, or using tired old internet speak to have “b5a2112014″ as the password for the Brazil 2014 event security team network?The above photo came via local newspaper Correio Braziliense, in which security experts demonstrated the cutting-edge CCTV and monitoring facility being used to police the World Cup. Problem being their password was in shot in the photo published alongside a piece about the security team and its boss Luiz Cravo Dorea. Just in case you’re in any doubt, security experts suggest you don’t have your Wi-Fi SSID and password actively broadcast on a massive display at home. [Twitter via The Register]

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‘The Daily Show’ Examines Social Persecution of Google Glass

Ever Since its release last year, Google Glass has had its share of both praise and critiques. Those that love the technology consider it the future, while the other side of the coin argues that it at the very least enables a massive invasion of privacy. It’s also been criticized for looking like a “computer on your face”, though Google has gone to great lengths to try to minimize the device’s geeky appearance. A number of private establishments have actually banned Glass from being worn in their establishments because of privacy concerns. Unsurprisingly, Glass has been lampooned by pop culture ever since its release, and last night, Comedy Central’s The Daily Show took a stab at it.

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Get Ready for College Football’s Bitcoin Bowl

Next season, the college football bowl season will welcome the Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl thanks to a sponsorship deal from Bitcoin processing company BitPay and ESPN Events. Yes, they’re serious about this.The Beef ‘O’ Brady’s St. Petersburg Bowl, as the December game used to be known, now has a new sponsor and a new logo to boot with the Bitcoin symbol. ESPN’s Brett McMurphy broke the news on Twitter, and the Wall Street Journalfollowed up with more details of the four-year deal. Tickets to the game, set for Dec. 26, will cost $40. Obviously, they will be available for purchase with Bitcoin through BitPay’s services.

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Future NASA Mothership Will Disperse Data Collecting Microchips

Suppose you’re a planetary scientist. You operate an unmanned spacecraft, surveying a distant moon in our solar system. Years of funding, engineering work, and long-distance space travel have all come together and at last this machine — to which you have devoted so much of your life — is in place. And it’s just made an incredible discovery.Maybe it’s a new kind of crater. Or an odd, unexpected mineral. Or the holy grail: Liquid water.It’s thrilling news — years of your career, vindicated! Now you have to wait. And lobby. And hope for the funding to come through. And wait for the next craft to get there.As Brent Streetman, a researcher at the aerospace technology firm Draper Laboratories, told me earlier this week: “Once we find interesting things, there’s no way to access them. We have to wait for the next cycle of space exploration to that planet.”Indeed, the NASA scientists tasked with extending humanity’s reach into space have two very different jobs. The first is posed by space and solved by engineering: It’s the actual work of sending tools, instruments, and sometimes humans millions of miles, to another place in space, intact. But the second one can be both much more mundane and much more infuriating: It’s the ongoing work of securing funding for space exploration from a capricious and dysfunctional Congress.

via Future NASA Mothership Will Disperse Data Collecting Microchips.

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Harley-Davidson Livewire Electric Motorcycle | Uncrate

It’s okay. Re-read the headline. We’ll wait. Yes, it’s true: the American brand most associated with disturbingly loud two-wheeled vehicles is making one that’s essentially… silent. The Harley-Davidson Livewire Electric Motorcycle is unfortunately not for sale yet, but it will be available to ride at over 30 dealers across the country. As it mostly exists to gather feedback on an eventual, actually-for-sale electric bike, the specs are a little thin, but the thrill of riding down the road on a Harley incognito is enough of a draw on its own.

via Harley-Davidson Livewire Electric Motorcycle | Uncrate.

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