How movies break the fourth wall and why they do it

How movies break the fourth wall and why they do it

When movies break the fourth wall it’s always a little jarring. Like when you see someone you don’t know try to talk to you and you look behind your shoulder to see if it’s really you they want. But when characters express that awareness of being in their world to you, it can get pretty fun! For comedic purposes and dramatic purposes, it’s an interesting tool that filmmakers use.

Here’s Now You See It explaining how to break the fourth wall in movies.


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Human evolution explained in a super cute two-minute claymation film


In a perfect world—or at least in the perfect world I have in my mind—kids would learn about chemistry, history, or human evolution theory through claymation short films as cute and clever as this one. Actually, adults would learn like this too. Everything could use more claymation.

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Why Isn’t Google Launching Its Modular Ara Smartphone in Puerto Rico?

In January Google announced that Ara, its highly anticipated modular smartphone, would debut first in Puerto Rico as part of a pilot project. Today, Google says it’s not launching Ara there after all, and that it’s “re-routing” its plans. What gives?

Some are wondering if the Google-Alphabet announcement is the reason for the shakeup, and that might very well be part of it. But what no one is talking about is the fact that Puerto Rico is in the midst of a catastrophic economic crisis—not to mention a drought so bad that the territory has implemented water rationing. It would be crazy to launch a tech project in Puerto Rico right now.

But let’s back up. At I/O earlier this year, Google’s Ara team said it was launching in Puerto Rico because of the diversity of users and existing phone market. About 77% of the country accesses the internet by smartphone only, which makes it a great place to test the Ara’s stripped-down browsing features.

Then the project went totally quiet—there were a few months without a peep. Although there’s no official statement from Google about the change in direction, the Project Ara team confirmed as much in a series of tweets today, including the fact that they might come back to Puerto Rico sometime later:

But this is probably a good move: It would be pointless and futile to test the product in Puerto Rico under some pretty dire circumstances.

First of all the US Territory is on the brink of economic collapse—it’s being called the “Greece of the Caribbean.” We’re talking defaulting on $72 billion in debts. If Google launches a phone project and suddenly the economy shut down, it would be particularly difficult to gauge success. And additionally—not that this is their primary concern—but it would reflect poorly on Ara.

Now, because people are so apprehensive about the economy, there’s currently a mass exodus from Puerto Rico, with other American cities bracing for the inevitable flood of immigrants. According to PBS, 150,000 Puerto Ricans are projected to leave in the next five years. So imagine you launch your test group and half of them end up leaving for the mainland. Not good.

Finally, Puerto Rico’s day-to-day infrastructure is in trouble. Stores are closed and food is prohibitively expensive. I mentioned water rationing before—now entire cities are having their water shut off for days at at time. I don’t mean they’re being told to cut back, I mean the municipal water is being turned off. People’s livelihood is at stake and helping to test a phone will likely be residents’ last priorities.

Project Ara may announce a different reason for why they’re launching elsewhere first, but let’s hope after all this they do indeed come back to Puerto Rico. Whatever happens next politically, I can only imagine this will not make life easy for the territory’s residents who have had to accept some pretty crippling austerity measures. They’ll probably be looking for more affordable and reliable options for accessing information. It would be a great place to showcase Google’s commitment to using technology to solve problems for all.

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Turn Old Shirts into a DIY Dog Toy

Sometimes it feels like you spend tons of money on toys that your pup destroys in just a few days. Instead, use some old cotton shirts to make a fun braid toy for free.

Your dog will have just as good a time with this DIY toy, you won’t have to shell out any money, and you’ll get rid of a few old shirts (plus, if you have more shirts, you can make it again!). Here’s how to make it:

Cut nine 20inx2in strips and knot them together at one end.

Split the strips into threes and braid them together. You’re essentially creating three stronger strips for the braid by dividing the nine strips into threes.

Leave a little fabric unbraided at the end and tie another knot.

Now you’re ready to play tug-o’-war with your dog! Since this toy is made from old shirts, it is best suited for small or medium sized dogs (big ones will likely rip it apart quickly). If you have a ton of old shirts, you can make a pile of these to give to friends with dogs or to a local shelter (if they take toy donations).

Keep in mind that you need to pick toys best suited to your dog. If they tend to eat things they shouldn’t, this may not be a suitable toy for them. You don’t want them to end up eating any loose fabric and wind up taking them to the vet for a costly removal. Be extra careful and make sure to keep an eye on them so this doesn’t happen.

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The biggest shark ever filmed is basically the size of a blimp

The biggest shark ever filmed is basically the size of a blimp

Hey look, it’s Jaws in real life. Which should scare the bones out of land dwelling ol’ me but the sheer size of this giant monster great white shark is so ridiculously huge (I mean, it’s more blimp than shark), that I can’t help but laugh. Look at it dwarf the entire cage and treat that daredevil of a scuba diver as some peon fish not even worth eating.

When you’re that big, humans are fun size snacks that only make you hungrier. The shark in the video, recorded by marine biologist Mauricio Hoyos Padilla, is the famous Deep Blue. It’s 20 feet long (and maybe pregnant!) and is one of the biggest sharks ever caught on film. Watch her below if you want to never go into the ocean again.

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GotG: Groot & Star-Lord’s Origins


Marvel is releasing animated shorts about the origin stories of the Guardians of the Galaxy to promote their upcoming Disney XD TV show. First up are Star-Lord and Groot. They don’t exactly reveal much, but they’re still fun to watch.

Click below to see the rest of the animated shorts…

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This Little Fusion Reactor May One Day Power the World

Fusion power has seemed like science fiction — a boundless energy source that would light up the world forever, if only we could figure out how to contain it. And yet we’re always about thirty years away from solving that mystery. Until now.

Recent advances in magnet technology have brought fusion a little closer to the present. MIT researchers have just unveiled designs for a compact, tokamak (donut-shaped) fusion reactor that uses new, barium oxide-based superconductors to produce powerful magnetic fields capable of confining a fusion reaction. The reactor, which is about half the diameter of current models, could in theory produce enough electricity for 100,000 people.

Best of all, the researchers say the concept could be realized in a decade.

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