2001 DARPA movie predicts the state of today’s technology

Does DARPA employ psychics or something? I mean they must, or how else can you explain this precognitive glimpse at the modern world? The advanced research agency produced it more than a decade ago! Admittedly, many of the ideas featured were already rolling out, in development or pulled from sci-fi, but you can see the futuristic vision (and ugly UIs everywhere) in this DARPA film, Strategic Cyber Defense. Included are a number of modern technologies such as ubiquitous touchscreens, voice activated computer interfaces (a la “Ok Google”), advanced behavioral analysis, real-time translation and automated cyber-defenses. Watch the video below to see how many of today’s future technologies you can spot — and how many are better off left as concepts that didn’t pan out.

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12-Year-old Girl Tries to Poison Her Mom for Taking her iPhone Away

We all react differently to harsh punishments, but this story perhaps edges towards the more extreme end of the scale. After having her smartphone confiscated by her mother, a girl from Boulder, Colorado, decided poisoning her would be the best way of getting revenge. If that’s not insane enough, the girl is just 12-years old, and she tried it twice.

According to Fox31 Denver, and Commander Heidi Prentup, who is investigating the case in the area, the girl’s mother noticed a smell of bleach in a smoothie made for her by her daughter, but thought it was left over from the glass being cleaned. She apparently felt sick after drinking it, but naturally didn’t consider for a moment she was being poisoned.

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However, that all changed a few days later, when a glass of water in her bedroom smelled exactly the same. She confronted her daughter, who in a shockingly honest manner, admitted she was trying to kill her, all because the iPhone had been taken away. Aside from the iPhone, the reports don’t state if there were other problems leading up to the poisoning attempt.

Despite drinking the bleach smoothie, the girl’s mother is fine, and hasn’t been admitted into hospital following the attempt on her life. However, the 12-year old girl is now in police custody, and facing two charges of attempted first degree murder.

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This 1993 AT&T Concept Video Predicted Skype’s New Translator App

You can keep your flying cars and jetpacks. The real sign that we’re living in the future? Easy: real-time language translation. Skype just put its version into wide release. But effortless translation is something we’ve been waiting on for quite some time, as you can see from this 1993 clip of an AT&T concept video called Connections.

Perhaps the most antiquated thing about Connections is the idea that we’d have video payphones in public. This seemed to be a common idea for videophones, showing up in that staple of paleofuturism, The Jetsons. Of course, public videophones seem a bit silly when we’re all carrying videophone-capable devices around in our pockets.

The part of the AT&T video that’s still a bit too futuristic? Well, the video translation not only includes a written translation, but it converts the person’s mouth movements as well. Nobody’s currently working on that, as far as I can tell.

I actually spoke with one of the writers and producers of the video back in 2007. You can watch the entire video below if you’re so inclined.

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The Lily Camera Is a Drone That Flies Itself

Despite the whipping spring winds, the prototype of the Lily Camera is hovering steadily in place above my head in New York’s Central Park. The Lily looks a lot like other drones you can buy now, but this one has a special trick. As its name suggests, it’s really a camera that just happens to fly. By itself.

Developed for use by action sports enthusiasts — snowboarders, skateboarders, and the like — the Lily Camera lets you capture all of your best moves and stunts without needing someone else to pilot it.

To use the drone, you turn it on and it connects to a separate wrist-worn controller that doubles as a tracker.

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Skype Translator

Skype Translator helps you communicate across language barriers, bringing people closer together. Simply set up a Skype Translator video or voice call with someone on almost any Skype client who speaks another language and start talking. Translator is currently available in English, Spanish, Italian and Mandarin. More languages are coming soon.

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America’s Backyard: Puerto Rico – YouTube

In 1904, President Theodore Roosevelt declared that the United States had to intervene in the internal affairs of Latin American. In his own words: “if any South American country misbehaves it should be spanked.”All US presidents that succeeded him have, in lesser or greater measure, continued to exercise their perceived right over a region often known as “America’s Backyard”. After more than 400 years of Spanish colonial domination, in 1897 Puerto Rico was given the right to govern over its affairs. only five months later, Spain and the US went to war over the last Spanish colonies in the region. American Forces occupied Puerto Rico.The Treaty of Paris clearly established that all Puerto Rican affairs were to be decided by the United States Congress.President Theodore Roosevelt recommended that Puerto Ricans become U.S. citizens.Despite the overwhelming opposition from the Puerto Rican legislators, in March 1917 the US Congress decided that all Puerto Ricans were now US citizens; but only to be ruled and not be given the rights. Many Puerto Ricans were forced to fight in the America’s wars and many died. Up to this day not much has changed, as that Treaty of Paris is still valid.

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NFTY Charging Pack

Like the Bolt, NFTY is an external battery pack that can replace your mobile device’s charger. You can simultaneously charge up to 4 devices (and NFTY’s 4,000mAh battery) from an outlet, USB port or a car’s cigarette lighter.

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