Reader IT Horror Story: When Bad Managers Go Rabid

Ever work for a manager who gets meaner the more they don’t know? Ever gone to HR, only to realize they are not on your side? One commenter’s experience doing IT for a law firm drives a life lesson home: if you are in this sort of situation, get out while you can.

I’m compiling the amazing, hair-raising stories our commenters shared about their worst-ever jobs in IT. User Grizzly Gaymer’s story struck a chord, because his description of his manager and the manager’s HR buddy sounded so familiar. Felt familiar. This is an experience I believe many of us have encountered, no matter the industry. Is behavior like this endemic to human nature? Why do incompetent bullies so often end up in charge?

Source: Reader IT Horror Story: When Bad Managers Go Rabid

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How to Build a Portable Hacking Station with a Raspberry Pi and Kali Linux

Cracking Wi-Fi passwords, spoofing accounts, and testing networks for exploits is all fun enough, but if you want to take the show on the road, you’ll want an easily portable rig. Enter Kali Linux and the Raspberry Pi.

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Source: How to Build a Portable Hacking Station with a Raspberry Pi and Kali Linux

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Russia just announced that it is sending humans to the moon

European Space Agency’s version of a permanent lunar base.

Before 2030, Russia plans to land its first cosmonauts on the moon, and Europe wants a piece of the action.

They’re a little late for the great space race of the ’60s, but the mission is an admirable push for the re-ignited interest in manned deep-space travel.

On Tuesday, at a space and technology conference in Moscow, the head of Roscosmos Energia — Russia’s version of NASA — announced: “A manned flight to the moon and lunar landing is planned for 2029.”

And the European Space Agency (ESA), who made history last year by landing the first ever spacecraft on a comet, is teaming up.

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Source: Russia just announced that it is sending humans to the moon

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How People Actually Fought With Swords

From Gladiator to Braveheart, most historical fiction about fighting with swords is kinda wrong, influenced more by performance art than how people actually fought each other with blades. Back to the Source, a documentary about Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), is looking to show people how it was actually done.We told you about this project last year when it was a Kickstarter, but the documentary is now complete and ready for viewing on YouTube. Or below.

Source: How People Actually Fought With Swords

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Nike News – The 2015 Nike Mag

Almost 30 years ago, Nike was asked to collaborate on a movie that would feature scenes set in the futuristic world of 2015. The brand was challenged to imagine sneakers that would suit the inhabitants of the advanced era. The innovation team, which regularly looks into a crystal ball of athlete insight and technology to project the future of sport, took that task further.

The resulting Nike Mag reinvented the conventional lacing system, integrating it into an inimitable design that became an enduring beacon of popular culture. As Nike, Inc. President and Chief Executive Officer Mark Parker put it, “We started creating something for fiction and we turned it into fact, inventing a new technology that will benefit all athletes.”

Today, Nike delivered a gift to Michael J. Fox introducing the innovation to the shoe’s first, and most celebrated, wearer.

This innovation advances what was coined the Nike Mag’s “power laces,” combining the archetype invention with digital technology. The result is an individually responsive system that senses the wearer’s motion to provide adaptive on-demand comfort and support. But this is just the first iteration.

Nike continues to test this technology across multiple sports, incorporating feedback into future game-changing footwear with unprecedented performance features that have the potential to impact athletes around the world.

“By imagining the future, we create it. Product that comes alive, with on-demand comfort and support when you need, product that senses you and adapts to you is right around the corner,” added Parker.

Source: Nike News – The 2015 Nike Mag

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Stop using soap in the shower, says this doctor | BGR

Here’s something you don’t hear every day: you might be getting too clean when you take a shower.

Dr. Robynne Chutkan, the founder of the Digestive Center for Women in Chevy Chase, Maryland, and author of The Microbiome Solution, tells that using anti-bacterial soap on a daily basis strips your skin of bacteria that keep you free from acne and eczema. In fact, the only spots that need a regular scrubbing are your armpits and your groin.

This goes beyond your typical morning or nightly shower too — Chutkan says that even after a sweaty workout, you should still refrain from lathering up with soap. A simple rinse will do (although I’m not sure how you’re supposed to eliminate the odor).

In terms of other unnecessary cleanliness habits that many of us partake in, Chutkan reaffirms the view that hand sanitizers are all but worthless, “unless you’ve been hanging out on an Ebola ward.” Microbes you pick up from the surrounding environment is not going to kill you, so there’s no need to kill it by squeezing chemicals on to your skin.

Finally, Chutkan suggests that everyone should find time to go outside and get a little dirty during the week. Open a window, sit on the grass in the park, buy food from a farmer’s market — expose yourself to healthy microbes so that your body will be prepared to deal with unwanted bacteria when and if it arrives.

Source: Stop using soap in the shower, says this doctor | BGR

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Adobe’s Monument Mode Removes People Walking Through Your Frame in Real Time


At last night’s MAX conference, Adobe gave a sneak-preview of a real-time camera feature it’s been working on called Monument Mode. It seems to remove people walking through the frame of your picture, there and then, as if by magic.While removing people from an image is certainly achievable in Photoshop if you have multiple images, this is a real-time feature that could, as Adobe shows, become a standard feature for smartphone cameras and remove the need for post-processing. Details of how it works are scant, other than the fact that it uses some new algorithms to distinguish between still and moving objects. You can see it in action in this video, presented by Adobe engineer Ashutosh Jagdish Sharma.It’s worth pointing out that this is a technology preview rather than a real working product, so there’s no guarantee that it’ll become a consumer product. But we sure hope it does.

Source: Adobe’s Monument Mode Removes People Walking Through Your Frame in Real Time

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