The iPhone 6 Plus preview hands-on

An iPhone with a 5.5-inch display? A few years ago, it seemed as though Apple would never relent to doing such a thing — after all, a 3.5-inch display was more than sufficient at the time. In 2014, however, it’s a bit of a different story. There’s a wide variety of phone sizes out there, and a lot of different markets that Apple could appeal to by offering a large device. With the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple is now able to address those who don’t mind using a big phone for its extra screen real estate and larger battery. We had the opportunity to play with the Plus for a spell after Apple’s keynote this morning, and it’s got a bright future ahead. Check out our photos and video below as we continue to bring you our thoughts on the giant iPhone.

First, the elephant in the demo room was the phone’s size. After all, 5.5-inch screens won’t appeal to everyone, especially folks who have been used to 3.5- and 4.0-inch iPhones for the last seven years. But we brought a 5.7-inch Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with us to compare, and while the Note takes advantage of the S Pen and its litany of features, it’s also just a tad wider and thicker than the Plus. Apple’s version also benefits from having curved edges which are actually easier to grip onto than I was originally expecting; I’m used to carrying phones with large displays, and the iPhone 6 Plus is just as comfortable to hold as most other devices its size. click below for more…

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The iPhone 6 hands-on

One iPhone model. Two sizes. Aside from a suite of feature and software improvements, the iPhone 6 is also getting upgraded in screen size — the smaller version at 4.7-inches, with the Plus option at 5.5-inches. The more petite iteration is what I’ll focus on here, though you’ll be able to take a look at the larger size here. Aside from the difference in diagonal screen size, there’s very little to tell these two versions apart until you start looking deeper; the Plus comes with a bigger battery, better display, one-handed mode and an extra stabilization feature on the camera, but everything else is essentially identical. Take a look at the photos and video below, and I’ll be adding my thoughts as I go.

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Apple – Apple Watch

AppleWatchApple – Apple Watch.

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Apple – iPhone 6 is here

iPhone-6Apple – iPhone 6.

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This Is How We Are Watching The Apple Event Today

Nailed it.

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Maddox: Spider-Woman’s Butt

NSFW: Language) Maddox presents counterarguments to the outrage about Milo Manara’s now infamous comic book cover for Spider-Woman #1, the Hawkeye Initiative and sexualization in general. More here.

Maddox: Spider-Woman’s Butt.

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Instructional Videos For Teenagers

Will Reid decided to start a series of satirical instructional videos for his kids, because “telling them face-to-face is not working.” James and Beth, here’s how to top up the bathroom’s toilet paper. You can do this. Dad believes in you.

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