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Can You Find the Two Camouflaged Commandos in This Photo Before They Shoot You?

The Egoz recon unit of the Israeli Defense Force is trained is an elite group trained in guerilla tactics. Sometimes they operate in cities. But sometimes, as seen above, they hide on the hills. Watching. Waiting. They’re very, very good. … Continue reading

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Hunting Down My Son’s Killer

I found my son’s killer. It took three years. But we did it. I should clarify one point: my son is very much alive. Yet, my wife Cristina and I have been found responsible for his death. My son Bertrand … Continue reading

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Gang Members Accept Cops Friend Request, Get Arrested, Are Idiots

The first rule of Brooklyns notorious Brower Boys gang is: You dont talk about the Brower Boys gang. The second is: Unless its on Facebook, then its totally fine. Oh, but maybe accept a cops friend request before you do?Welcome … Continue reading

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Just a Thought!

I appreciate all of the love people have been showing me lately regarding my blog. It’s very interesting to see how people have reacted and/or appreciates the content. My blog is meant to give people a glimpse of what I … Continue reading

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Killjoy Scientists Have Bred the Fun Out of Medical Marijuana

Weed is a double-edged sword. On one hand, its cannabidiol CBD compounds ease the symptoms of many diseases. On the other, its tetrahydrocannabinol THC compounds produces feelings of euphoria and calm. Luckily, the Tikkun Olam company has figured out how … Continue reading

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$1800 Gets You Sneakers Made From Stingrays Customized Through Genetic Engineering

$1,800 is a lot of money to spend on a single pair of shoes. But a company called Rayfish Footwear has come up with a unique manufacturing process that’s even more over-the-top than what it’s charging for its creations: It’s … Continue reading

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Why Women Date Weaklings

Common knowledge dictates that girls dig guys with muscles. However, new research suggests that women gave up on bulging biceps and strong jawlines long ago, in favor of qualities like loyalty and generosity. In other words, the scrawny geek gets … Continue reading

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Picture of Cash Posted on Facebook Leads to Home Robbery

Some people who use Facebook are dumb. Like a 17-year-old Australian girl who posted a picture of a massive pile of cash to her Facebook account and was then shocked when, just hours later, her house was broken into and … Continue reading

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Airplanes Are Getting Wider Aisle Seats That Will Cost You More Money

Airbus is in talks with US airlines to make planes with aisle seats that are extra wide, “almost as wide as a first class seat.” That sounds comfortable but it comes with some tradeoffs, the middle and window seat would … Continue reading

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Dad Creates Fake Porn Site Profile for Principal Who Confiscated Sons iPod

When an assistant principal confiscated his 13-year-old sons iPod, Robert Dale Esparza Jr. did what any responsible parent would: He started a fake profile under the principals name on a hardcore porn site, and impersonated him via email. Yep!Frank Hendricsen, … Continue reading

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