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My thoughts! nothing but my thought. They don’t always make sense, but I have to live with them.

Puerto Rican’s need help!

This is not about trump or the mayor of San Juan. This is not about government officials getting their feelings hurt and getting in a twitter fight over who did what when. I don’t care. I care about the millions … Continue reading

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Hurricane Maria 2017- PR

Hello everyone! Many people have asked me how they can help after the devastating pass of #huracanmaria over the island of Puerto Rico. There are many agencies mobilizing rescue efforts in Puerto Rico especially the Red Cross. There are also many private … Continue reading

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Many recent rash of Ransom-ware attacks lately

There are a recent rash of Ransom-ware attacks lately. In all honesty there is no 100% solution to keep from being hacked. However, here are just a few things to keep in mind. It’s like having a car alarm. It won’t keep … Continue reading

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SPC Engineering Technology Students Receive AutoCAD Certification – Engineering, Manufacturing & Building Arts

Congratulations to six SPC engineering technology students who received their AutoCAD User Certification in June.  These students proved their commitment by attending a two hour boot camp prep class on Saturday mornings for about two months.  Their instructor, Mr. Steven … Continue reading

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DESPIERTA BORICUA! Yo no soy independentista ni nada parecido. Pero si soy Boricua y los acontecimientos de la isla me preocupan. No pretendo juzgar a nadie ni ningún grupo excepto uno, los políticos. No hay ninguna respuesta fácil ni rápida … Continue reading

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Artwork – Science Festival

Please help support my niece by voting for her picture (shown above #12). She worked very hard and we are very proud of her. Thank You , [STR] Directions for voting: Choose your favorite picture from the gallery of artwork … Continue reading

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A Financial Control Board Proposal for Puerto Rico — Medium

Back in January, I wrote a piece about how Jeffrey Gundlach was wrong about Puerto Rico’s default risk — “I don’t care if [Puerto Rico] securities flop around,” Gundlach said, they will find a way to pay. The territory’s power utility, the Puerto … Continue reading

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John Oliver Confederate Flag video | BGR

  Many people from the Southern United States sincerely believe the Civil War-era Confederate Flag is a symbol of Southern heritage and not of racism. However, many of those people probably aren’t aware that South Carolina in particular didn’t actually … Continue reading

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Microsoft Retail Store San Juan Puerto Rico – Love My Surface

Our Trip To Microsoft Retail Store in San Juan, Puerto Rico: In case you haven’t noticed, \we like to check out Microsoft Retail Stores as we travel, pretty much everywhere we go. For one thing, we always have something to … Continue reading

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It’s just an opinion, get over it

Why do people believe that Everyone must agree with everything they say in order to have a conversation with them. More and more people are adopting this, with me or against me attitude. What’s wrong with having a different opinion. … Continue reading

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