Your Next Pickup Truck Will Be A Car

At the dawn of the new millennium Chevrolet had an epiphany: “People love pickups but don’t really use them.” So it lopped off the back of an SUV and created the Avalanche; a vehicle with trucky pretenses but Suburban practicality. Slow sales killed it in 2013 and now the concept is back. Backwards.

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The Power Egg is unlike any drone you’ve ever flown before

Normally, when you think “quadcopter”, you think of the standard block-shaped mass of propellers, struts and landing gear. But nothing says they have to look that way. In fact, one drone company from China is taking a radically different approach with a UAV that looks like something from the labs of Capsule Corp.

The Power Egg is the latest autonomous flyer from Beijing-based Power Vision and marks the company’s first foray into consumer UAVs. The Egg weighs 4.6 pounds and is roughly the size of a rugby ball. Its body is comprised of high density plastic. Despite its namesake, this device appears surprisingly sturdy.

Both its landing gear and propeller struts retract back into the housing for easy transportation but flick out for flight. Well, technically the landing gear automatically extends — you’ll have to manually lock the propeller struts in place. The bottom tip of the Egg pops off to reveal a 4K UHD camera mounted on a stabilized 360 degree gimbal. Conversely, the top tip houses the drone’s 6,400mAh battery.

The Power Egg is capable of flying both indoors and out. When outside, the UAV’s onboard GPS keeps track of where it is relative to the operator. When flying inside, the Power Egg switches over to sonar and ground pattern recognition to understand its orientation.

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World’s longest aircraft takes its first flight

That aircraft you see above may look more than a little odd, but it just made history… and it might be the future of flight. Hybrid Air Vehicles has successfully flown the Airlander 10, a long-endurance airplane/airship hybrid billed as the longest aircraft ever at 302ft end to end. It was just a short, minutes-long trip around the countryside in UK’s Bedfordshire, but it showed that the massive (if more than a little posterior-like) design is airworthy.

It’s going to take a while before you see production models of the vehicle, which was originally designed for US surveillance before it was scrapped. HAV only expects to make 10 per year by 2021. If it meets its goals, though, it could prove to be crucial to the aviation world. Ideally, Airlander 10 will stay aloft for about 5 days at a time — that’s ideal for communications, manned military recon and even long-distance passenger flights. They’re much quieter and produce less pollution than typical aircraft, so they could fly in areas and at altitudes where other flying machines would create too much of a disturbance.

Source: World’s longest aircraft takes its first flight

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Smart Tactile Paving – Traffic lights for smartphone addicts

Using smartphones while walking on crowded city streets is not a good idea. All of us know it, but still risk using our phones while crossing streets. Games like Pokemon Go have increased the risk quotient even more in the recent months. To counter this risk-taking instinct of smartphone addicted people, an Australian firm has come-up with the idea of Smart Tactile Paving concept. The idea is to provide red lights in peripheral vision of people using smartphone for texting, gaming, social-networking or any other activity.

Büro North, a design firm has envisioned in-ground pedestrian traffic lights which alert the user of traffic light situation without even looking at the conventional traffic light. The idea is pretty simple and needs to be incorporated keeping in mind the rapid behavioral changes is us humans. This is drastically going to reduce the number of smartphone-related accidents.

According to Büro North: “Rather than attempting to modify behavior by legislation or punitive laws that will ultimately prove futile. We want to make cities safer by design”

Implementing this idea is also going to be simple, as the only thing needed is installation of tactile slabs into the pavements. These slabs will have LED lights which alert the user of current traffic situation. The lights will be in their peripheral vision even if they are looking at the smartphone screen, and this solves the problem in an intuitive manner.

Source: Smart Tactile Paving – Traffic lights for smartphone addicts

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9 Philosophical Thought Experiments That Will Keep You Up at Night

Sometimes, the best way to illustrate a complicated philosophical concept is by framing it as a story or situation. Here are nine such thought experiments with downright disturbing implications.

See them all by following the link here: 9 Philosophical Thought Experiments That Will Keep You Up at Night

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Deep Space Industries plans to land on an asteroid by 2020

This week, asteroid mining company Deep Space Industries announced detailed plans to launch the first private mission to an asteroid by 2020. The California-based company plans to build a successor to its Prospector-X test craft called Prospector–1, which will land directly on an asteroid as it passes near Earth. Although Prospector–1 won’t be bringing back any gold or platinum, the historic mission will map the surface of the asteroid and analyze the rock for resources that could be useful in DSI’s long-term plans.

Read entire story here: Deep Space Industries plans to land on an asteroid by 2020 but you must watch the video, very interesting.

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Many recent rash of Ransom-ware attacks lately


There are a recent rash of Ransom-ware attacks lately. In all honesty there is no 100% solution to keep from being hacked.

However, here are just a few things to keep in mind. It’s like having a car alarm. It won’t keep your car from being stolen but it will make it harder to steal and hopefully the thief moves on to an easier target.

To be honest the best defense is a good offense. Be proactive, Some things you can do;

  • If you get an unsolicited email with an attachment even from a known source, don’t open it. delete it or contact the source separately to verify.
  • Don’t use the email preview option. If infected, previewing an email will also launch the virus.
  • Unless you are really sure, Be careful while surfing the net avoid downloading items and or installing application form the web, especially free apps (there is a reason why they are free).
  • Have an antivirus/malware application installed and keep it updated and scan your system often.
  • Don’t trust USB from others. Scan them first with your Antivirus/Anti-malware applications before accessing the data.
  • Backup your data often, preferably to a location not on your PC. Use an external Hard Drive for example. (If your PC is compromised then having a backup on your PC will do you no good).

Hope this helps!!!


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