Amazon will help train veterans for tech jobs

Last week, Amazon said it would bring 100,000 full-time jobs to the US by 2018. This week, the online retailer announced a registered apprenticeship program with the US Department of Labor that will offer training to veterans. The initiative follows CEO Jeff Bezos’ pledge to hire 25,000 veterans and their spouses over the course of five years. That goal was announced back in May.

This new apprenticeship program will train veterans for “in-demand technical careers” at Amazon. In a press release announcing the initiative, the US Department of Labor said that the first participants will be trained for an AWS Cloud Support Associate position. The Labor Department also explained that over 200 companies, colleges and labor organizations have signed on to participate in the larger ApprenticeshipUSA program. As TechCrunch notes, Amazon and Tesla Motors are the only two big name tech companies listed that offer registered apprenticeships.

Source: Amazon will help train veterans for tech jobs

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Mohu’s wireless AirWave antenna makes cord-cutting simple

We got a peek at Mohu’s wireless TV antenna last night, and this morning the company is releasing a few more details. The AirWave promises free TV “everywhere” across a variety of mobile and connected TV devices, since it catches the OTA signal and turns it into an IPTV stream for its app, sort of like a localized Aereo (RIP).The antenna will cost $150 when it launches in “late” spring at Best Buy stores, and won’t require any kind of subscription package for access. All it needs is power, access to local TV signals and WiFi, then you’ve got TV and the viewing app has a guide that integrates TV broadcasts with content from various streaming services.


At launch, AirWave is compatible with the most popular video streaming devices on the market, including: Amazon Fire TV and Stick, Apple TV (current generation), Chromecast, Roku’s entire lineup from Express to Ultra, iOS, Android & Web

Source: Mohu’s wireless AirWave antenna makes cord-cutting simple

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Walt Disney World Turned Epcot’s Spaceship Earth Into the Death Star

Now that Disney owns Lucasfilm and everything Star Wars, the company’s theme parks are slowly becoming giant advertisements for the upcoming films. Which is totally cool with us if it means awesome publicity stunts like turning Epcot’s giant spherical Spaceship Earth into the Death Star—complete with a working superlaser.

Source: Walt Disney World Turned Epcot’s Spaceship Earth Into the Death Star

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What is a CAD Manager and what do they do? | CAD Manager | AutoCAD

CAD managers as a whole are critical members of most design and engineering firms. But what exactly does a CAD manager do?

It’s much more than you might expect.

CAD managers first emerged as CAD grew in influence and became more prominent in use throughout organizations. The need for a true CAD manager was readily apparent, and the role continues to evolve. Over the years and still today, CAD managers wear many and varied hats depending on the size of the company—whether it’s the combined roles of CAD drafter, IT department, and manager in a small-medium sized business (SMB) to a much more defined managerial role in a larger, corporate environment.

Wherever your organization lies on the spectrum, there are common threads to the job. Here, we’ll delve deeper into the role itself and how to achieve your own success as a CAD manager.

CAD Managers Manage, Right?

First and foremost, a CAD manager is a manager and, quite simply, has to be. You have to manage staff, projects, procurement of both software and hardware, plus the day-to day-output of the CAD function. This might even be combined with being the senior CAD drafter as well.

Regardless of a company’s size, the “manager” part of the title is crucial. So, there will always be the need for staff performance reviews, finding coverage for vacations, and the like. The managerial tasks will take up a great deal of time—and the larger the organization, the less time a CAD manager gets to spend actually doing CAD!

Any successful CAD manager will learn this lesson quickly: The art of good management is delegation. Delegate the nitty gritty CAD work to the CAD drafters while you do the manager “stuff.” You must also be very flexible. There will always be that engineer or architect who wants a last minute change to a bunch of drawings on a Friday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. when the drawing issue deadline is 5:00 p.m. Continue reading

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How To Stop Windows 10 From Screwing Up Your Gorgeous Wallpaper

Ever had the feeling your high-resolution desktop wallpaper isn’t looking quite as fantastic as you thought it should? It could be because Windows 10 actually compresses the image, presumably to save space. Windows users have been complaining about the problem for months. Luckily, there is a way to make sure you’re always seeing the best-resolution image on your display.

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Source: How To Stop Windows 10 From Screwing Up Your Gorgeous Wallpaper

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Campaign is over!

Those who know me certainly know my opinions about President Elect Trump. The difference however is that whatever I think doesn’t really matter now, what matters is we elected a new president, and whether I like him or not that’s Neither here nor there. He’s now my president and i have to give him the benefit of the doubt that he will at least try to be the best president he can possibly be. Because the office of the presidency is much bigger than any one man or woman. This is why our transition of power is a peaceful one. This is why the rest of the world looks to us when it comes to democracy. In order for our nation ,our Democratic Republic, to endure another 200+ years we must embrace the most basic of our democratic principles that once we elect a president we should as a nation stand behind him or her. Not blindly, this why we have in place checks and balances. So that we can return to our daily lives and let those we elect to govern actually govern. It is not a perfect system. We don’t always get what we want, but if we are to be an example to the world we must move forward. Get on with our lives. Put aside our petty, petty arguments and move on. The campaign is over! [STR]

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Obama Calls Out Facebook’s Fake News Problem

After a fake story once again made the rounds on Facebook over the weekend, Barack Obama today name-checked the social network while talking about the spread of lies this election season.

“The way campaigns have unfolded, we just start accepting crazy stuff as normal and people if they just repeat attacks enough and outright lies over and over again,” Obama said at a rally in Ann Arbor, Michigan. “As long as it’s on Facebook, and people can see it, as long as its on social media, people start believing it, and it creates this dust cloud of nonsense.”

Obama’s statement underscores something that’s been clear for years and that doesn’t have an obvious solution: Facebook has a fake news problem. False things being spread on the internet isn’t exactly a new phenomenon, but The Social Network’s share-thirsty algorithm has made it much easier for blatantly made-up stories from invented publications to spread faster and wider than ever before.
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