About my Blog

My blog is meant to give people a glimpse of what I find interesting as I travel through the interweb, and trust me I find a lot of things interesting. Things that make ME go hmmm! Or even WTF! Or simply a random thought from time to time. Hopefully it will give you a glimpse of who I am. It should give you an idea of the things that makes me stop to think as I travel the interweb. Mostly is about sharing my likes and dislikes. Hopefully along the way you might see something you might not have seen before or even something that will make you stop and think for a second or two. Maybe, just maybe even make you smile or possibly even laugh a bit (LOL).

Anyway, I thought I would say hey! to all you who have recently joined me on my walkabout through the interweb! I hope you will continue to find it interesting. If you do tell a friend if you don’t, well there’s always tomorrow.

Either way thanks for coming along for the ride!



3 Responses to About my Blog

  1. NickKills says:

    hmmmmmmm. interesting.

  2. TF says:

    Hi Steven,
    Reached your blog by doing some brief analysis on the wireless community. Leaving it after perusing a good number of the articles you’ve referenced and the thoughts you’ve expressed. I appreciate your rationality. I suspect it comes genetically and is complemented by your study of engineering. Keep adding to the treasury of knowledge. I’m sure I’ll be back for more and no doubt others will wander here and leave as intrigued as I do.

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