La Borinqueña Graphic Novel With Rosario Dawson Supports Solar Power for Puerto Rico

Creators of the superhero comic La Borinqueña are teaming up with National Resource Defense Council to bring solar power to communities in Puerto Rico. In La Borinqueña—named after the island’s original Taino name, Borinquen/ Borikén, or “land of the brave lord”—the Nuyorican character Marisol Rios de la Luz draws her power from nature and the island’s original inhabitants.The upcoming graphic novel is a collaborative effort between Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, creator of the comic book series, a team of artists, and the Natural Resources Defense Council to support expanding solar energy for Puerto Rico. The book is the 5th release in the Borinqueña universe that debuted in 2016.

La Borinqueña Graphic Novel With Rosario Dawson Supports Solar Power for Puerto Rico
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7 Frustrating New Features in Windows 11 (and How to Fix Them)

Like many things in life, Windows 11 is a mixed bag. It finally modernizes the Windows operating system: It looks stunning, it’s secure, and it’s fast, and it comes with a couple of neat tricks like the new snap windows assistant and a redesigned taskbar. But in an effort to move forward, Windows has also broken a few things. Some new features don’t make sense; some are downright frustrating.The upside is that there are plenty of third-party tools to fix the issues, and registry hacks to go back to the good old days. Here are some of the most annoying features in Windows 11 and how to fix them.

7 Frustrating New Features in Windows 11 (and How to Fix Them)
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Dead white man’s clothes: How fast fashion is turning parts of Ghana into toxic landfill – ABC News

It’s the dirty secret behind the world’s fashion addiction. Many of the clothes we donate to charity end up dumped in landfill, creating an environmental catastrophe on the other side of the world.

Dead white man’s clothes: How fast fashion is turning parts of Ghana into toxic landfill – ABC News
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Critical Race Theory, Explained

On Monday, Mississippi state Rep. Chris Brown (not that one) introduced two bills in the state legislature affirming the “resolute opposition to the promotion of race or sex stereotyping or scapegoating.” While the concurrent resolutions seem like no-brainers, the measures are part of the Republican Party’s nationwide effort to eliminate the anti-racist terror threat that has triggered white people around the country.

Everybody—from preachers to teachers—is talking about it. Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton introduced legislation to ban it from the military. School boards across the country are up in arms about it. White people briefly considered boycotting Coke over it.

It’s the dreaded Critical Race Theory (CRT).

Not since Rev. Jeremiah Wright insisted that God doesn’t like racism has one phrase caused so much consternation. CRT has become the conservative equivalent of Black Santa Claus delivering a Little Negro Mermaid while telling little white kids that Jesus was born with melanin. It’s not what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would have wanted.

Critical Race Theory, Explained Continued after link

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iOS 14: What do the orange and green dots in the status bar mean? – 9to5Mac

iOS 14 includes several major new features and a lot of smaller changes and visual updates. You may have noticed new indicators in the status bar, in the right-hand notch, and are wondering what those are for. These new status symbols show up as orange and green dots or circles that appear above the signal strength indicator. AD It turns out these dots are actually informational indicators that help reassure and protect your privacy. On MacBooks and iMacs, Apple has a physical green LED that sits next to the webcam. Although they appear next to the cellular signal and Wi-Fi status indicators, they have nothing to do with network connectivity. When the camera is accessed, the LED light turns on to let you know that an application on your system is watching the camera feed. iPhones and iPad do not have physical LEDs so Apple has simulated the experience through software.

iOS 14: What do the orange and green dots in the status bar mean? – 9to5Mac
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Burger King is designing ‘touchless’ restaurants for the COVID-19 era | Engadget

Burger King redesign

Basically every aspect of modern life has been touched by the coronavirus pandemic, and the restaurant industry is probably one that has been most significantly affected. As such, restaurants big and small are thinking about how to make things work for customers in this new reality, and today Burger King announced plans for future restaurants that are focused on modern tech and the car. According to CNBC, Burger King’s two new restaurant designs will be as “touchless” as possible, with conveyor belts delivering food to customers, parking bays with solar panels where food will be delivered directly to your car and multiple drive-thru lanes, including one dedicated to delivery drivers. One of the two designs will include a walk-up window and more outdoor seating, another nod to the way we order and eat these days. Naturally, a mobile app will play largely into this experience, as well — if you park in one of those car bays, you can order on our phone and scan a QR code to get your food delivered.

Burger King is designing ‘touchless’ restaurants for the COVID-19 era | Engadget
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If you’re using one of these hand sanitizers, get rid of it immediately – BGR

Hand sanitizer

As the number of coronavirus cases has surged around the US in recent days, particularly in the South, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is stressing that Americans need a full panoply of tools to keep themselves safe from the deadly virus. Those tools include things like face masks, quality hand soap, and disinfectant wipes — as well as hand sanitizer. Sanitizer is a quick and easy way to clean your hands and give yourself another layer of protection from the coronavirus. And it’s something that most of you seem to be taking seriously and prioritizing, based on the store shelves at retailers near where I live. For most of the coronavirus pandemic, retailers near me have been completely sold out of products like Purell. Meanwhile, though, amid this rush to keep ourselves stocked with hand sanitizer, the Food and Drug Administration has released a warning about nine specific hand sanitizer products — warning, in fact, that they might be toxic.

If you’re using one of these hand sanitizers, get rid of it immediately – BGR
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10 Netflix alternatives that stream movies and TV shows for free – BGR

Netflix Movies 2020Netflix just released its list of March 2020 movie releases and series releases, reminding us yet again why it is far and away the best streaming service month can buy. Next month alone, Netflix will release a staggering 55 different original movies, shows, and specials over the course of March. What’s more, that doesn’t even cover all of the content being added to Netflix’s catalog from other studios. There are 33 new titles being added to Netflix just on March 1st, and then another 13 movies and full seasons of shows spread out over the course of the month.

It goes without saying that if you have Netflix, you always have something to watch. In fact, there’s almost too much great content to watch, which is why we put together several roundups each month sharing recommendations of movies and shows you should try. Our most recent roundup showcased 10 movies and shows on Netflix that you might’ve missed in February, and we’ve received a ton of great feedback so check it out if you missed it. As great as Netflix is, however, not everyone wants to pay $13 or $16 each month to access the service. Even the $9 Basic plan adds up if you’re on a budget, and the plan itself is too limiting for most people to bother with. If you’ve been looking for great alternatives to Netflix that don’t cost quite as much money, we’re going to do you one better: We’ve rounded up 10 Netflix alternatives that let you stream movies and TV shows absolutely free. [click link below for more info]

via 10 Netflix alternatives that stream movies and TV shows for free – BGR

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How to Unlock Microsoft’s Free Graphing Calculator in Windows 10

While your math teacher (or your kid’s math teacher) might not let them lug a laptop into their calculus class, I still think it’s awesome that Microsoft is finally giving the good ol’ Windows Calculator a boost of geekiness. If you thought “Scientific” mode was fun, you haven’t seen anything yet—coming soon, to Windows 10, is a full-fledged graphing calculator.

via How to Unlock Microsoft’s Free Graphing Calculator in Windows 10

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Quickly Upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10 for Free With This PowerShell Script


If you’re reading this, you probably know how to upgrade one version of Windows to another. Even though it’s an easy process, it’s still tedious and boring to watch Windows download and install, and then you have to spend more time moving through screens and tweaking settings. Meh.

If you, or someone you know, has been clinging to Windows 7 until the bitter end, you should know that your operating system won’t receive any more security updates past January 15. Now is as good a time as any to finally upgrade your system to Windows 10, especially since it might be free—and because I found a super-simple PowerShell script that makes it easy to perform an unattended upgrade.

In other words, you start the upgrade process, click a dialog box or two in the beginning, and you can then get up and go do something else while Windows 10 downloads and installs automatically. Your system will reboot when it needs to, and the next time you need to click the mouse, you’ll be a minute away from your brand-new OS. Upgrading doesn’t get much easier than this.

via Quickly Upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10 for Free With This PowerShell Script

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