Homemade ‘Iron Man’ suit requires a special kind of crazy

dimsRemember the, insane record-shattering flight of a jet-powered hoverboard? UK inventor Richard Browning thought that riding on top of a jet pack wasn’t crazy enough, so he strapped six kerosene-powered microjets to his arms. That transformed him into a bargain store Iron Man, helping him get off the ground in what looks like the most dangerous way ever.

Each motor produces about 22kg (46 pounds) of force, so six are more than enough to heft Browning aloft. The device cost him £40,000 ($50,000) to build, but some of that cost was offset thanks to investors and partners like Red Bull. Continue reading

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Airbus – Seamless urban mobility?

You’d be tempted to dream of a better way to get from A to B if you spent long hours stuck in your car in LA. According to traffic analytics firm Inrix, City of Angels dwellers spend a whopping 104 hours a year in traffic hell, trudging along day in and day out at less than 65 per cent of the free-flow speed.

In fact if you live in the US, a country built around cars as the main means of urban transportation, you’re likely to waste a good deal of time in gridlock.Yet the problem extends well beyond America. Urbanisation is one of the world’s steadiest trends and has led to the emergence of megacities, defined as cities with more than 10 million inhabitants. With traffic congestion projected to cost 350 billion USD a year in the EU and the US by 2030*, it is no longer possible to simply turn a blind eye: studies suggest that by 2030, there will be 41 megacities worldwide, with more than 5 billion people living in cities.

Source: Airbus – Seamless urban mobility?

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You Don’t Really Need an Anti-Virus App Anymore

Ten years ago the first thing you needed to load on a brand new computer were anti-virus and malware applications. The internet was a mine field of malicious content that could infect your entire home network with one errant click. Yet things have changed dramatically. Windows has much more robust security options built in, browsers are smarter, and, hopefully, so are the users.

Instead of spending your money on a lot of security software that is often as invasive and irritating as the malware it protects against, think long and hard about going with a minimalist security set up and practicing safe browsing techniques. Below are the scant few software software packages you really need, and where to find them. Continue reading

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Gmail now lets you receive 50MB attachments

“Sending and receiving attachments is an important part of email exchanges,” quoth the announcement on the official Google blog. The only downside is that the search engine is quite heavy-handed with attachment sizes, capping both incoming and outgoing messages at 25MB. At least, that was the case since, from today, Gmail now allows you to receive mails with attachments up to 50MB in size.

Unfortunately, sending mails remain capped at the same limit as before, with larger files only transmissible via Google Drive. The fact that the company has altered the size at all means that, hopefully, the rules will be relaxed even further in the future. Then again, it may also be a clever way to fill up your inbox space even faster as a nice lever to get you to pay for extra storage.

Source: Gmail now lets you receive 50MB attachments

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10 Photoshop Tricks to Fix Your Worst Photos

Starting out in Photoshop can be scary, especially if you’ve never used a graphics tool as robust as it. With a little effort anyone can learn to be comfortable with Photoshop, but there’s a difference between being comfortable in Adobe’s flagship software and being useful with it.Yet you don’t necessarily need to be a design industry veteran or have completed a nine-week course to work a little magic with Photoshop. The heavy-duty image editing app may look daunting if you’re a complete beginner, but these ten tricks will take you a few steps closer to Photoshop mastery. Ever wanted to fix that family photo where your dad photobombed the kids or some funky lighting made the color of the image all awful looking? With these tips that’s a possibility.

Source: 10 Photoshop Tricks to Fix Your Worst Photos

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How to Pack Your Bug-Out Bag

Bug-out bag, get-home bag, survival pack. Call it what you want. What gear should it contain? Here’s some recommendations on how to pack your bug-out bag.

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Amazon will help train veterans for tech jobs

Last week, Amazon said it would bring 100,000 full-time jobs to the US by 2018. This week, the online retailer announced a registered apprenticeship program with the US Department of Labor that will offer training to veterans. The initiative follows CEO Jeff Bezos’ pledge to hire 25,000 veterans and their spouses over the course of five years. That goal was announced back in May.

This new apprenticeship program will train veterans for “in-demand technical careers” at Amazon. In a press release announcing the initiative, the US Department of Labor said that the first participants will be trained for an AWS Cloud Support Associate position. The Labor Department also explained that over 200 companies, colleges and labor organizations have signed on to participate in the larger ApprenticeshipUSA program. As TechCrunch notes, Amazon and Tesla Motors are the only two big name tech companies listed that offer registered apprenticeships.

Source: Amazon will help train veterans for tech jobs

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