A Women’s Guide To Changing A Tire

Hazard lights are not only for your safety, but they’re really cute whenever they’re flashing, and can draw attention to you. Brittany Hornick and Rachael Acosta poke fun at female stereotypes in this sarcastic video which does ultimately show how to change a tire.

Source: A Women’s Guide To Changing A Tire

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Windows 10 Tips And Tricks 2016: How to enable hidden dark theme | BGR

Somewhere deep inside Apple’s iOS 10 beta software there’s a special “dark mode” feature just waiting to come out. Sadly, users don’t have access to it just yet — in fact no one does unless you’re a developer and you know how to dig for it. As it turns out, Microsoft’s Windows 10 software also has a hidden dark mode. When enabled, it’s a theme that turns the platform’s entire interface dark. The heavy use of black and other dark tones in Microsoft’s dark theme make the UI look incredibly sleek, and it’s also a bit easier on your eyes.The bad news is there’s no simple toggle in older versions of Windows 10 that makes enabling and disabling this cool feature simple. But the good news if you don’t want to install the new anniversary update is that unlike iOS 10’s dark mode, anyone can enable the dark theme in any version of Windows 10 in just a few minutes by following the guide below.

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Windows 10: Free upgrade still available for limited time | BGR

On July 29th, Microsoft stopped offering free Windows 10 upgrades.

At least, that was the plan, but as several publications discovered, Microsoft introduced a “free upgrade offer extension” shortly after the deadline had passed, giving customers who use assistive technologies a little bit longer to install Windows 10 in order to take advantage of the improvements in the Anniversary Update.

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Microsoft actually announced this offer over a month ago, but despite the fact that it is intended for assistive technology users, anyone can download the upgrade from Microsoft’s website by going to this link and clicking ‘Upgrade now.’

In the FAQ on the page, Microsoft explains that it has not announced an end date for the extended offer, but that there will be a public announcement before the offer expires. So even if you don’t have access to that Windows 7 computer you’ve been dying to upgrade, you still have some time before you have to pay.

Whether you’ve already upgraded or plan on upgrading using this method, keep in mind that the Anniversary Update has begun rolling out. It brings dozens of worthwhile features to the platform, as well as accessibility improvements.

Source: Windows 10: Free upgrade still available for limited time | BGR

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PSA: Download Windows 10 by 6AM ET or pay full price










This is it, everybody: Last call for a free Windows 10 upgrade. Starting tomorrow, Microsoft will stop pestering you to claim your free Windows upgrade and start charging you for it. If you think you might cave sometime today, start your download sooner rather than later — if you PC isn’t running Windows 10 by midnight, UTC-10 (6AM ET tomorrow morning) the upgrade will cost you $119.

Yes, we’re aware you probably know this already — goodness knows Microsoft hasn’t let you forget — but the specifics of the deadline were a little unclear. When we asked Microsoft to clarify, we were told that 23:59 UTC-10 marked when the upgrade downloads would be cut off, meaning that your download must be complete, not initiated, by that time in order to receive the free upgrade. If you try to upgrade tomorrow morning at say, 5:30AM, you may be too late.

Source: PSA: Download Windows 10 by 6AM ET or pay full price

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The internet’s Ice Bucket Challenge funded a medical discovery

Internet sensations can do more than just trigger fond memories or confusion… sometimes, they might just lead to a vital cure. Some of the $100 million-plus in donations from the Ice Bucket Challenge (the viral video-fueled awareness campaign for ALS, aka Lou Gehrig’s Disease) fully funded Project MinE, a medical research effort that just identified a gene linked with some ALS cases. Yes, that clip you shared with your Facebook friends may have given scientists the cash they needed to finish their work — in this case, sequencing the genomes of 15,000 people with ALS to help pinpoint relevant genes.

It’s important not to oversell the impact of the Ice Bucket Challenge. Some of those donations came from ALS Association state chapters, for one thing. Moreover, there was a real concern that the original awareness message got lost in the shuffle. While there’s no question that the fundraising was wildly successful, there were likely some who didn’t realize that it was connected to ALS at all — the internet’s tendency to dilute information might have worked against the campaign. On the balance, though, the discovery stands as proof that the buzz created by social networks can accomplish great things.

Source: The internet’s Ice Bucket Challenge funded a medical discovery

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Why the Metric System Is So Important

Myanmar, Liberia, and the United States of America. Those are the only three countries left in the world that don’t use the metric system. Ted-Ed traces the history of the metric system (thank you French Revolution) to show how important it is to have one universal measurement system for the world, what can happen when conversions go wrong (NASA crashing an orbiter into Mars), and what the future of the metric system will be (basing it off universal constants like the speed of light).

Source: Why the Metric System Is So Important

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SysAdmin Day | System Administrator Appreciation Day

July 29, 2016 – 17th

Annual System Administrator Appreciation Day

Your network is secure, your computer is up and running, and your printer is jam-free. Why? Because you’ve got an awesome sysadmin (or maybe a whole IT department) keeping your business up and running. So say IT loud; say IT proud …

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