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10 Reasons Why Geeks Make the Best Mates « Remote Support by GoToAssist

Definition of a geek: (gēk) noun. slang. An expert or enthusiast in an analytical field such as technology. Once used as an insult, it is now considered a badge of honor among technical people. Loving Geeks, Valentine’s Day has come and … Continue reading

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Who Needs Oil When Scientists Can Make Plastic From Plants?

When our oil supplies run out, it won’t just be fuel for our cars that dries up. Everything you own that’s made of plastic has been made using the black gold and, until now, there’s been no other way to … Continue reading

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Girl Falls on Her Face While Texting During Live News Broadcast

That thing youre worried is going to happen to you ever single time you walk down the sidewalk while texting? It just happened. To someone else! Laugh away.Were loath to make light of a woman falling down so severely that … Continue reading

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