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Who Needs Oil When Scientists Can Make Plastic From Plants?

When our oil supplies run out, it won’t just be fuel for our cars that dries up. Everything you own that’s made of plastic has been made using the black gold and, until now, there’s been no other way to … Continue reading

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Girl Falls on Her Face While Texting During Live News Broadcast

That thing youre worried is going to happen to you ever single time you walk down the sidewalk while texting? It just happened. To someone else! Laugh away.Were loath to make light of a woman falling down so severely that … Continue reading

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One Groove Turns Soap Bar Slivers into Infinite Soap

Its certainly a first world problem, but finding a way to use a bar of soap once its become a tiny sliver is tricky dammit. Thats why I love this brilliant Stack soap featuring a groove for merging the previous … Continue reading

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Would You Ditch Cable If You Could Still Watch TV Anywhere You Want and Anytime You Like?

Aereo is a new broadcast TV provider launching in New York that makes TV watching a lot more convenient. You dont have a cable box, you dont have an antenna, you dont have ridiculous fees. Instead, Aereo handles all the … Continue reading

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Sleeping Better Now Helps Prevent Memory Loss When Youre Old

If youre one of those people who battles through all-nighters, parties hard only to rise early, or has plain old insomnia, I have some bad news for you. Scientists have shown that sleep deprivation in early adult life is linked … Continue reading

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How much better will the iPad 3 be? | Crave – CNET

I was talking to a friend and tech enthusiast the other day–lets call him “Chuck”–and he sheepishly admitted that hed taken the iPad plunge.I was shocked. Not so much because Chuck had never bought an Apple product before take note, … Continue reading

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Watch This Dad Shoot His Daughters Laptop With a .45

So this happened. Its a father reacting to a post his daughter made on Facebook. He wasnt happy. You can skip ahead to 7 minutes for the big reveal.Im not convinced this is real, but its an interesting look at … Continue reading

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