Element Case Sector Aluminum iPhone Case

After a year of development and a huge launch of the Sector 4 FE, the iPhone 5 finally arrived and we were able to add final touches and begin production of the new Sector 5.The Sector 5s super thin multi-link perimeter frame design is comprised of 8 individual links to create a modular design that allows endless customization or upgrade possibilities. Each of the 8 links are CNC machined from 6061 aluminum billet as well as a proprietary aerospace polymer which maintains signal strength. US made stainless steel fasteners are used to attach the links to form an ultra strong, feather light design.A single screw removal system allows the multi-link design to “unfold” for quick and easy installation.The Sector FE First Edition model comes with two interchangeable back plates made from aerospace grade Carbon Fiber and genuine super plush Ultrasuede®. The finish on the limited Sector 5 FE is a dark Graphite Grey with our proprietary Flux Finish that is satin smooth to the touch. Each FE case is laser engraved with a special insignia on the inside of the case.Made in the USA using cutting edge machining techniques, aerospace grade materials and unrivaled designs, Element Case and the Sector 5 have once again proven to be the leader in the premium iPhone accessory market.

via Element Case Sector Aluminum iPhone Case.

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