A $3,000 iPhone 5 Case for Those With Money to Burn

A $3,000 iPhone 5 case is apparently one way to protect a $199 phone. This titanium Gresso Revolution bumper case may just be the perfect iPhone 5 case for the kind of guys that outfit high-mileage clunkers with $5,000 rims and $10,000 stereo systems.Gresso is positioning the Revolution case as some sort of luxury, but there’s nothing about this case to justify its sky-high price.  Sure, you could brag to your friends about the $3,000 case, but you’ll probably lose a lot of respect in the process.The Gresso Revolution bumper case is limited to a production run of 999. Each is serialized, which Gresso employees seem to think is an incredible feat. It’d make more financial sense to buy four extra iPhone 5s at the full $649 unsubsidized price than to buy the Gresso.

via A $3,000 iPhone 5 Case for Those With Money to Burn.

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