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Why Star Trek Phasers Don’t Exist Yet

The 21st century has been a real disappointment so far. Our robot servants top out at mediocre vaccums, self-driving cars are years away (and won’t be able to fly even when they do arrive), and we’re closer to inventing tricorders … Continue reading

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NASA rocket to paint the sky red, tune in tonight starting at 4:30PM ET video

Decades ago, NASA would frequently light up the night sky with chemical trails as part of its measurements of upper atmosphere behavior. While those moments are increasingly rare, well get a rare chance to enjoy one of them this evening. … Continue reading

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Office 365 Home Premium: This Is as Good as Word Gets

Youre never going to love Office, because its Office—its the thing you use to make money and do things you actually enjoy. But that doesnt mean it cant be relatively painless, affordable, and smart. Starting today, it is.Office 365 Home … Continue reading

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