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The Science of Snoozing [VIDEO]

Feeling a little groggy? Droopy? Dopey? Sleepy? Another ‘Seven Dwarfs’ syndrome? It may not be because you didn’t get enough sleep, but perhaps because you opted for a few extra minutes of it. ASAP Science explains that alarm clocks are … Continue reading

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Disney Star Wars Land? The Force Is Strong With This Plan

In the annals of no-brainers, the concept of an entire Disney theme park devoted to Star Wars ranks pretty highly. So much so that plans were underway even before the Mouse House pounced on Lucasfilm in October 2012. Now it … Continue reading

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Robot Helps Teach Kids With Autism

Researchers have helped create apps and online platforms to assist children with autism. But one team at Vanderbilt University is introducing something which may have a leg up on capturing kids attention: humanoid robots.Mechanical engineers and autism experts constructed an … Continue reading

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