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Bullet-Stopping Cellphone Saves Gas Station Clerk Held at Gunpoint

In what’s some fantastic news for both HTC and anyone who keeps their cellphone in their shirt pocket, a Florida gas station attendant’s life was saved when his dearly departed smartphone became a martyr during a recent holdup. Yesterday morning at … Continue reading

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This flame is made of pure water

Scientists have invented a new low-cost method to create a safe welding flame using water as its only fuel. Called the Safeflame, the device splits water in oxygen and hydrogen, recombining them both outside of the torch’s mouth to create fire. And the only byproduct is water. … Continue reading

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iOS 7.0.3: Update offers new features, bug fixes, and brings end to motion sickness

DIGITAL TRENDS iOS 7.0.3: Update offers new features, bug fixes, and brings end to motion sickness

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Scientists Discover Gold Literally Growing on Trees in the Outback

Every parents favorite line about how money doesnt grow on trees just became a little more irrelevant, thanks to a fascinating find down under. Researchers in Australia recently found gold—yes, real gold—in eucalyptus trees growing in the outback.A team of … Continue reading

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Windows 8.1 Review: Little Changes Make a Big Difference

Hey remember Windows 8? How could you forget? It was the biggest upheaval in desktop computing in recent memory, and even if youre not a user, its big colorful tiles are on your radar. Now, with Windows 8.1, Microsoft is … Continue reading

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Square Cash lets you send money over email, now open to US residents

That Square Cash service that was unveiled as invite-only about five months ago? Well, its officially open to the public. As of now, anyone can send cold hard cash to anyone else just with a regular ol email address — … Continue reading

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Introducing MAP: An Unbreakable, Private, Portable Navigation System

Google Maps? Pfff. Nokia HERE? Get outta here. There’s an alternative to all those navigation systems you use: it’s made from 100 percent sustainable material, it’s easy to share, it’ll never break, you can fit it in your pocket, and … Continue reading

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Apple Will Announce the New iPads on Oct. 22nd

As was foretold by the ancients, Apple will hold its holiday iPad jamboree on October 22nd. Well see some new tablets, sure. But there also might be a trove of other odds and ends awaiting us next week.While Apple normally … Continue reading

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Clash of the titans: iOS 7 vs Android 4.3 comparison

One of the most heated \”debates\” within the wireless industry is the one between iOS and Android fans. In case it isnt obvious, weve put \”debate\” in quotes, because its much more of a flame war, rather than a civilized … Continue reading

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Scientists Found the Remains of a Water-Covered Earth-Like Planet

A team of astrophysicists have made an exciting however complex discovery a mere 170 light years away. In their own words, its \”the first evidence of a water-rich rocky planetary body\” outside of our own solar system to have evidence … Continue reading

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