Scientists Found the Remains of a Water-Covered Earth-Like Planet

A team of astrophysicists have made an exciting however complex discovery a mere 170 light years away. In their own words, its \”the first evidence of a water-rich rocky planetary body\” outside of our own solar system to have evidence of water. Its the \”rocky\” bit that makes it Earth-like.Hey, thats pretty exciting! An Earth-like planet covered in water just a few clicks across the galaxy—what a day! Well, its a little more complicated than that. Scientists didnt actually find the planet itself but rather \”its shattered remains.\” The debris used to be a tiny planet composed of 26 percent water, but about 200 million years ago, the star that it was orbiting—creatively named GD 61—started to die. Before becoming a white dwarf, GD 61 devoured the water-covered planet and any other bodies in the system.

via Scientists Found the Remains of a Water-Covered Earth-Like Planet.

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