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Doctors Ease Peanut Allergies in Tiny Test You Shouldn’t Try at Home

To a nut-allergic person, a peanut is a little grenade of discomfort and danger. So a small study published this week, showing that kids with severe peanut allergies can increase their tolerance through gradual exposure, is great news for allergic … Continue reading

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Build a Custom Garden Planter With These Lego-Like Blocks

It’s hard to argue the fact that Lego is one of the greatest toys of all time, but who says the plastic building blocks have to only be used as toys? The creators of these wonderful Togetherfarm Blocks—made from recycled … Continue reading

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Seeing a whole car get destroyed by a giant shredder is oddly enjoyable

I’m not sure what it is about seeing a giant piece of metal being swallowed by another giant piece of metal but it’s almost therapeutic. It’s like seeing insect fights on YouTube but on a more gargantuan, real life Transformers … Continue reading

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How Much Snow It Takes to Cancel School Across the US

There’s been quite a bit of debate recently about the Southern states’ inability to handle what at least to the North might barely even qualify as a light dusting. Now, Reddit user atrubetskoy has taken the opportunity to create a … Continue reading

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5 Things To Know If You’re Having FiOS Installed | Apartment Therapy

This past summer my husband and I were excited to learn that Verizon’s high-speed, fiber-optic, internet/phone/tv FiOS service had become available to our building and we were quick to sign up. Having suffered through many tedious cable and internet installations … Continue reading

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11 Tech Support Questions My Mom Has Asked Me And How I Answered

Being a tech blogger has made me the default tech support for my family. Especially for my mother. While she\’s pretty savvy, all things considered, she still asks me some pretty funny questions.Rather than getting frustrated that she can\’t remember … Continue reading

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DJI’s Phantom 2 Vision takes a stabilized camera to the sky, we go hands-on video [Engadget]

You may not have come across DJI before, but this brand is no stranger in the world of hobbyist drones. Even production studios use the company\’s gear for aerial videography, but that involves a lot more money than the average … Continue reading

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’123456′ is the worst Internet log in password for 2013 | BGR

New research conducted by SplashData revealed that “password” isn’t the dumbest password choice around anymore, as it has been replaced by “123456,” for the past year. However, “password” fell only one position compared with 2012, basically switching places with “123456.” … Continue reading

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How to Install Parental Controls on All of Your Gadgets

Let’s face it, the internet is a wicked cesspool of filth and debauchery filled with weirdos, pervs, and foul-mouthed trolls. You can ensure that your kids remain untainted by these corrupting influences while they surf the web simply by activating … Continue reading

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WaterBOB®: emergency drinking water storage

The waterBOB® is a water containment system that holds up to 100 gallons of fresh drinking water in any standard bathtub in the event of an emergency. Constructed of heavy duty food grade plastic, the waterBOB® keeps water fresh and … Continue reading

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