Beautiful iPhone 6 renders based on the latest leaks and rumors | BGR

According to the latest reports, we’re just over a month out from the official unveiling of the iPhone 6 on September 9th. Although we’ve seen a few leaked hardware components from Apple’s next flagship phone, the actual device is still a mystery, but the latest 3D concept images from designer Martin Hajek might be the closest we get to laying our eyes on the iPhone 6 before next month.FROM EARLIER: Ultra-thin iPhone 6 design posing technical difficulties to component makersYou might remember Hajek from the from the incredible renders we shared back in April. Not only are the designs excruciatingly accurate based on the latest leaks and rumors, Hajek has even taken the time to tear the device down from the inside out, showing off both the external view of the phone and the internal components which will be crammed into the thinner package that is the iPhone 6.There have been plenty of incredible renders from concept designers over the past several months, but this might be the most comprehensive compilation yet.If you’d like to peruse the 3D model on your own computer, you can purchase Hajek’s concept on TurboSquid for $100. Check out a few images of the model below, then click on the source link to see the rest.

via Beautiful iPhone 6 renders based on the latest leaks and rumors | BGR.

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