Blocks’ modular smartwatch will talk to your iPhone

Blocks first unveiled its modular smartwatch with a plan to use Android Wear, much as Project Ara smartphone will use a special version of Android. However, there has been a change of plans — and it’s good news if you’re not of the Google persuasion. The team now says that it’s using a version of the open source Tizen platform that should support Android, iOS and Windows Phone, so you probably won’t have to give up a favorite device just to try this out. The Blocks team also has access to Intel’s newest processors thanks to a prize from a recent design challenge, and modules will have removable covers that let you change both the style and functionality of your wristwear. This is still an incredibly ambitious project that may not pan out as planned, but it’s evident that the pieces are quickly falling into place. click below for video

via Blocks’ modular smartwatch will talk to your iPhone.

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