If you’ve ever wanted a video-based contacts list, now’s your chance

Tired of just having static pictures to visually guide you through your contacts list? If so, you’re in luck. A new app for iOS brings video updates to said collection of names and numbers so “you can see what all your friends are up to.” The software is called Rinbw, and it replaces images for your pals that opt in with 5-second clips updated at will. You can also “fruit” a clip, which is the app’s term for letting folks know you’ve seen their latest work. And as you might expect, notifications alert you every time a fellow Rinbw user posts a new status. “Scrolling through your contact list used to be boring and unexciting. Rinbw turns it into a fun way to share moments of your life with your friends at any time and place,” the company explains. Itchin’ to give it a go? The app available for free via the iTunes link that follows.

via If you’ve ever wanted a video-based contacts list, now’s your chance.

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