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FCC approves net neutrality rules, reclassifies broadband as a utility

It’s a good day for proponents of an open internet: The Federal Communications Commission just approved its long-awaited network neutrality plan, which reclassifies broadband internet as a Title II public utility and gives the agency more regulatory power in the … Continue reading

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Spam Alert!

Several variations of DHL spam have been seen today. Some are linked to hacked websites. Others have malware attached (e.g., in a zip file). They include subject lines like “DHL TRACKING PARCEL — PLEASE LOGIN TO TRACK PARCEL ” Some … Continue reading

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Amazing video shows how dust moves from the Sahara Desert to Brazil

Here’s an awesome 3D visualization from NASA that shows how the Sahara Desert helps fertilize the Amazon rainforest even though they’re on two different continents that are separated by an entire ocean. The Saharan dust is carried over by wind … Continue reading

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Graphene Could Be Used to Neutralize Cancer Stem Cells

Graphene has a frankly overwhelming array of amazing possible uses, from body armor to seeing through walls. To that list, you can perhaps add the ability to fight cancer, too. Researchers at the University of Manchester in the UK—the birthplace … Continue reading

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Five miles of Hyperloop test track will be built in California

If you were worried that Hyperloop was nothing more than a fantasy, you might be happy to learn that some companies are taking the idea very seriously. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, one of the companies inspired by Elon Musk’s idea of … Continue reading

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States can no longer restrict city-run broadband internet

Today is one of the more momentous days in the FCC’s recent history. Its net neutrality vote will get most of the press attention, but its moves to protect municipal broadband from state legislators are also quite important. The proposal … Continue reading

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