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Smallest drone in the world: Privacy is toast | BGR

Privacy seems like such a quaint 20th Century concept, doesn’t it? Unbox Therapy has posted a video of the CX-10 Mini Drone, which is described as the world’s smallest drone and is a definite harbinger of things to come. In other words, it looks … Continue reading

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Conan O’Brien Cuba video | BGR

With relations between the United States and Cuba finally thawing, Conan O’Brien decided to take a trip down to the beautiful island to give us a glimpse of what it’s really like to live there. Along the way, Conan introduces … Continue reading

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Splash Drone shrugs off water and launches rescue flares

When drone meets water, the videos can be amazing — except that most drones hate water and can’t even be flown in the rain. However, there’s a new product on Kickstarter called the Splash Drone that isn’t deterred by a … Continue reading

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