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How To Enable GodMode In Windows 10 | Redmond Pie

If you’re a hardcore Windows fan who likes to keep up with all of the features and functionality of Microsoft’s OS, especially those intricacies that the company has chosen not to tell you about, then the chances are that you … Continue reading

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iOS 9 Wi-Fi Assist feature: Automatically switch to cellular data | BGR

Here’s an annoying issue that iPhone users are all too familiar with: You’re surfing the web on a Wi-Fi connection that your device automatically hopped on – at home, in a public place, or at work – and all of a … Continue reading

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Video: A portrait of the world’s youngest master penman

It’s not like I totally judge people’s handwriting (okay, I judge them a little) but it’s just refreshing to see good penmanship in 2015 because it’s so rare. We all just type on computers or phones and the most we … Continue reading

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