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How movies break the fourth wall and why they do it

When movies break the fourth wall it’s always a little jarring. Like when you see someone you don’t know try to talk to you and you look behind your shoulder to see if it’s really you they want. But when … Continue reading

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Human evolution explained in a super cute two-minute claymation film

  In a perfect world—or at least in the perfect world I have in my mind—kids would learn about chemistry, history, or human evolution theory through claymation short films as cute and clever as this one. Actually, adults would learn … Continue reading

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Why Isn’t Google Launching Its Modular Ara Smartphone in Puerto Rico?

In January Google announced that Ara, its highly anticipated modular smartphone, would debut first in Puerto Rico as part of a pilot project. Today, Google says it’s not launching Ara there after all, and that it’s “re-routing” its plans. What … Continue reading

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Turn Old Shirts into a DIY Dog Toy

Sometimes it feels like you spend tons of money on toys that your pup destroys in just a few days. Instead, use some old cotton shirts to make a fun braid toy for free. Your dog will have just as … Continue reading

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The biggest shark ever filmed is basically the size of a blimp

Hey look, it’s Jaws in real life. Which should scare the bones out of land dwelling ol’ me but the sheer size of this giant monster great white shark is so ridiculously huge (I mean, it’s more blimp than shark), … Continue reading

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GotG: Groot & Star-Lord’s Origins

  Marvel is releasing animated shorts about the origin stories of the Guardians of the Galaxy to promote their upcoming Disney XD TV show. First up are Star-Lord and Groot. They don’t exactly reveal much, but they’re still fun to … Continue reading

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This Little Fusion Reactor May One Day Power the World

Fusion power has seemed like science fiction — a boundless energy source that would light up the world forever, if only we could figure out how to contain it. And yet we’re always about thirty years away from solving that … Continue reading

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