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Apple vs. FBI: iPhone hack and backdoor can’t be destroyed after use | BGR

The FBI vs. Apple fight over an iPhone that had belonged to San Bernardino shooter Syed Farook will have huge implications for the future of the iPhone. The government says it only wants access to one single iPhone, and that it’s not … Continue reading

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Project Loon shows off autolauncher at work in Puerto Rico

With Project Loon, Google aims to provide wireless, high-speed internet to underserved areas like the entire nation of Sri Lanka. The team has figured out how to guide them around the globe using prevailing, high-altitude winds and the current design … Continue reading

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A Shocking Number of Dogs in Shelters Are Misidentified as ‘Pit Bulls’

Using DNA analysis, researchers have shown that shelter workers frequently mislabel dogs as “pit bulls.” They say this is a serious problem given the social stigma surrounding the breed—which, technically speaking, doesn’t actually exist. The new study, published in The … Continue reading

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Tips for Drawing Backgrounds

Thomas Romain is a terrific artist working in the anime industry in Tokyo. Previously, he showed how to draw detailed buildings. This time, we’re going to learn from him how to draw backgrounds.Romain has an impressive resume, including art direction … Continue reading

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Stop Windows 10 download? You only can prevent its installation | BGR

Microsoft will start forcing Windows 10 updates on machines that are eligible for the free upgrade as soon as this week. And you won’t be able to do much to stop it. Windows 10 is now a recommended update, which means … Continue reading

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