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The Ozone Hole Is Finally Healing

Nearly thirty years after an international treaty banned the use of chlorofluorocarbons, the Antarctic ozone hole is finally starting to heal. By mid to late century, it should be fully recovered.“This is a reminder that when the world gets together, … Continue reading

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Ikea Recalls 29 Million Dressers After Third Child Dies

Rumors broke yesterday that Ikea was going to recall millions of dressers today. And they were right. But it’s not just the Malm, as we originally heard. Ikea is recalling 29 million dressers of all varieties in partnership with the … Continue reading

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New York energy company is using drones for inspection

Different industries and companies use drones for different tasks. For New York energy provider Con Edison, that task is to inspect 10-story boilers that produce steam and energy for some of the most iconic buildings in NYC, including the Empire … Continue reading

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Fully-autonomous drone launcher never needs a pilot

Having UAVs conduct routine aerial surveillance is already having a transformative effect on farming and and energy production but they can only operate when there’s a human at the controls. That’s about to change thanks to an autonomous drone system … Continue reading

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Justice For Vets West Wing PSA | Justice for Vets

The cast of The West Wing declare their support for Justice For Vets and the life-saving work of Veterans Treatment Courts. Source: Justice For Vets West Wing PSA | Justice for Vets

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Thou Shalt Kill

On Monday, a representative of the National Rifle Association officially blamed “political correctness” for the massacre in Orlando this past weekend. This line of argument—that that the killings were a result of our inability to speak frankly about the dangers … Continue reading

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Facebook: Synced photos being replaced by Moments | BGR

Shortly after announcing that 360-degree photos can now be uploaded to the news feed, Facebook revealed that synced photos will soon be removed from the social network. According to the company, this move will make way for the Moments app, … Continue reading

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How to Unlock Secret Settings in Windows 10

The Windows registry is a sprawling, usually impenetrable settings file covering just about every aspect of the operating system and applications running on a computer. A lot of these settings are hidden from the user, but if you know what … Continue reading

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A Simple Change Transformed One of LA’s Busiest Intersections Into One of its Safest

The intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue is among the world’s most famous—you’ve seen it broadcast every year on the Oscars as the start of the red carpet. But like most celebrities, the tourist-thronged Los Angeles landmark had a … Continue reading

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