Many recent rash of Ransom-ware attacks lately


There are a recent rash of Ransom-ware attacks lately. In all honesty there is no 100% solution to keep from being hacked.

However, here are just a few things to keep in mind. It’s like having a car alarm. It won’t keep your car from being stolen but it will make it harder to steal and hopefully the thief moves on to an easier target.

To be honest the best defense is a good offense. Be proactive, Some things you can do;

  • If you get an unsolicited email with an attachment even from a known source, don’t open it. delete it or contact the source separately to verify.
  • Don’t use the email preview option. If infected, previewing an email will also launch the virus.
  • Unless you are really sure, Be careful while surfing the net avoid downloading items and or installing application form the web, especially free apps (there is a reason why they are free).
  • Have an antivirus/malware application installed and keep it updated and scan your system often.
  • Don’t trust USB from others. Scan them first with your Antivirus/Anti-malware applications before accessing the data.
  • Backup your data often, preferably to a location not on your PC. Use an external Hard Drive for example. (If your PC is compromised then having a backup on your PC will do you no good).

Hope this helps!!!


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