Puerto Rican’s need help!

2781f92aa5187c9a-photoThis is not about trump or the mayor of San Juan. This is not about government officials getting their feelings hurt and getting in a twitter fight over who did what when. I don’t care. I care about the millions of Puerto Ricans in dire need of food and supplies. Please put your petty arguments to the side and concentrate your efforts to helping those in need.

People have asked why weren’t they prepared? The government had a plan in place for dealing with this but let’s be realistic. This is not a typical situation. Our island was hit by Cat 5 and Cat 4 hurricanes back to back. Infrastructure was devastated, roads impassable, power transmission and distribution decimated, potable water nonexistent. Some estimates indicate 70% of police force is not reporting, the majority of government workers and first responder are unaccounted for. Not because they don’t want to report, but rather because most cannot. They are taking care of their families and communities.

FEMA and the government are doing what they can with the personnel and resources they have available. Even if they had the manpower from the start to do everything they needed and even if all the roads were passable and all communities accessible it would take weeks to get back to normal because we’re talking about an island 100’X35’ but with a population of over 3 million people. Everything needs to be shipped in by Air or Sea. Now consider the conditions of the island, it’s roads, infrastructure and destruction left behind by Irma & Maria. The help of the US armed forces was desperately needed form the beginning.

People have asked why weren’t the Puerto Rican government prepared? Let me ask you, why weren’t the people of New Orleans and Houston or the those affected by Sandy prepared? How can anyone be prepared fully for situations such as these. I feel for all those affected by those natural disasters and I admire their resolve to rebuild and move forward with their lives. Puerto Rico is asking for nothing more than to be treated the same as they as US citizens were treated. That we receive the same amount of support and help that is required. Which brings me to ask another question. Why wasn’t the federal government not prepared? Puerto Ricans are US citizen, why wasn’t the US Military deployed and ready to go the day after the pass of hurricane Maria why did it take 7-8 days for them to respond. Why? But you know that’s a question for another time, they are on the ground now, and thanks to them, their personnel and their expertise and especially their manpower we are seeing things move along. Hopefully now with the cooperation of the local government, FEMA and the US military we will begin to see the help get to those that are in need.

No matter how prepared the local government was for this disaster the people of Puerto Rico cannot get up by themselves it will take the help of the federal government and even the aid of our international community. Let’s stop getting in the way of those trying to help. Let’s stop second guessing what is being done and let’s get things done. Many people are going on social media and the news and saying many things some true some not so true, but let’s be honest I’m not there I can’t say who is lying and who is not. I can’t say who is exaggerating the truth or not saying the whole truth. Let’s be honest everyone is speaking their truth as they see it. Who’s to say they are right or wrong and I don’t really care. Only thing is clear is that help is needed. Let’s stop arguing and taking sides let’s get the much-needed help to all those in need.

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