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My thoughts! nothing but my thought. They don’t always make sense, but I have to live with them.

John Oliver Confederate Flag video | BGR

  Many people from the Southern United States sincerely believe the Civil War-era Confederate Flag is a symbol of Southern heritage and not of racism. However, many of those people probably aren’t aware that South Carolina in particular didn’t actually … Continue reading

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Microsoft Retail Store San Juan Puerto Rico – Love My Surface

Our Trip To Microsoft Retail Store in San Juan, Puerto Rico: In case you haven’t noticed, \we like to check out Microsoft Retail Stores as we travel, pretty much everywhere we go. For one thing, we always have something to … Continue reading

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It’s just an opinion, get over it

Why do people believe that Everyone must agree with everything they say in order to have a conversation with them. More and more people are adopting this, with me or against me attitude. What’s wrong with having a different opinion. … Continue reading

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SysAdmin Day | System Administrator Appreciation Day

Your network is secure, your computer is up and running, and your printer is jam-free. Why? Because you’ve got an awesome sysadmin or maybe a whole IT department keeping your business up and running. So say IT loud; say IT … Continue reading

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This is NASA’s new concept spaceship for warp drive interstellar travel

“This is exactly why we need Science fiction, We need it to inspire Science Fact. Reaching for the future will help us acquire the tools to make a better present, which will in turn help us overcome our past errors.” … Continue reading

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65th Infantry Historia – Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal Alliance

The 65th Infantry Regiment prides itself on its long, rich tradition of military history, service, and achievements. Since the first shot of World War I which originated from “El Morro” San Juan, Puerto Rico, to the end of the Korean War, … Continue reading

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Dune buggies race on the verge of crashing in spectacular aerial video

What do you get when you combine huge horsepower buggies, Dubai sand dunes, and a camera drone? One spectacular video, that’s what. With the engine mounted in the back, these powerful, lightweight buggies can pop a wheelie even while climbing … Continue reading

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