65th Infantry Historia – Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal Alliance

The 65th Infantry Regiment prides itself on its long, rich tradition of military history, service, and achievements. Since the first shot of World War I which originated from “El Morro” San Juan, Puerto Rico, to the end of the Korean War, over 100,000 Borinqueneers have distinguished themselves as true American war heroes.  After all, the Borinqueneers’ motto is “Honor Et Fidelitas” which is Latin for “Honor And Fidelity”!

PRMOn May 19, 2014 the US Congress passed H.R.1726 to award a Congressional Gold Medal to the 65th Infantry Regiment, known as the Borinqueneers. This is especially special to me being that my grandfather Pedro Montalvo Ramos was Borinqueneer himself. In 1917 the US Congress granted citizenship to all Puerto Ricans and a month later Puerto Rican answered the call, and has not stopped since. Many not being of age to join lied to enlist in order to serve their Country, My grandfather being one of them. [STR]

“The Borinqueneers have served with distinction since 1899 as “Porto Rico Battalion of Volunteer Infantry then in 1908 redesignated “Porto Rico Regiment of Infantry, U.S. Army” and became a “Regular Army Regiment”. In 1920, re-designated “65th Infantry Regiment, U.S. Army” and served with distinction in every major US conflict since. Finally in 1959, transferred to the Puerto Rico Army National Guard where 1st Battalion, 65th Inf. still serves. Becoming the only unit from active-duty to transfer to the National Guard/Reserves. “Honor Et Fidelitas”  Via: www.borinqueneers.org

via 65th Infantry Historia – Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal Alliance.

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