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List of Puerto Ricans – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This is a list of notable Puerto Ricans[a] which includes people who were born in Puerto Rico, people who are of full or partial Puerto Rican ancestry, and many long-term residents and/or immigrants of other ethnic heritages who have made … Continue reading

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Why Star Trek Phasers Don’t Exist Yet

The 21st century has been a real disappointment so far. Our robot servants top out at mediocre vaccums, self-driving cars are years away (and won’t be able to fly even when they do arrive), and we’re closer to inventing tricorders … Continue reading

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NASA rocket to paint the sky red, tune in tonight starting at 4:30PM ET video

Decades ago, NASA would frequently light up the night sky with chemical trails as part of its measurements of upper atmosphere behavior. While those moments are increasingly rare, well get a rare chance to enjoy one of them this evening. … Continue reading

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Office 365 Home Premium: This Is as Good as Word Gets

Youre never going to love Office, because its Office—its the thing you use to make money and do things you actually enjoy. But that doesnt mean it cant be relatively painless, affordable, and smart. Starting today, it is.Office 365 Home … Continue reading

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iOS 6.1 now available for download

The latest software update for iOS, known as 6.1, has finally become available as a free download. According to the release notes, the update adds LTE support for additional carriers 36 for iPhone, 23 for iPad, the ability to purchase … Continue reading

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9to5Mac: Apple preparing another 4th gen iPad SKU, signs point to 128GB model

Still waiting for a 128GB iPad? One could come sooner than you think. According to 9to5Mac, Cupertino is preparing to add a new SKU to its fourth-generation tablet line up, slotting next to the existing 16GB, 32GB and 64GB configurations … Continue reading

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Unlocking Your Phone Without Permission Becomes Illegal Tomorrow: Here’s Why You Should Care

After this upcoming weekend, you have to ask your phone company if you want to use the phone you (kind of) bought from them on any other carrier’s network. You used to be able to ask for, or purchase, or … Continue reading

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Judge Dredd-style non-lethal DNA bullets track criminals in the name of justice | Gearburn

The future is now. Well, every second that ticks by is another step into the future. But I digress. Ubergizmo dug up this gem of a story. SelectDNA, a UK-based company has created a non-lethal method of tracking criminal for later … Continue reading

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Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts for Facebook Final Frame | Apartment Therapy

The full shortcut infographic for both Windows and OS X users below for all you Facebook junkies out there [looking in the mirror]… via Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts for Facebook Final Frame | Apartment Therapy.

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Some People Are Paying $125 to Downgrade From Windows 8 to Windows 7

We think theres a lot to love about Windows 8, but not everybody feels that way. Some people hate it. Luckily, this computer store is offering a service to help the clueless users who want nothing more than to go … Continue reading

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