Prepare for the Cicada Invasion With This Creepy-Crawly Time-Lapse

The cicada swarms are coming, and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

You will step on a cicada shell, one will fall in your hair and that buzzing drone will haunt your entire summer. But instead of fearing the creepy crawlers, appreciate this miraculous act of mother nature with a time-lapse by filmmaker Samuel Orr.

Orr is determined to change the bad rep these bugs have gotten with this video he’s been producing since 2007. He says he became interested in the insects as a child when he found them “scary and mysterious,” but changed his perspective after learning more about their lives.

“When you find out they can’t bite or sting and have no defenses, and live their entire lives underground except for the last few weeks when they come up, it’s a little sad,” Orr tellsMashable. “All that time waiting, and then the dog eats it, or somebody steps on it. These are amazing animals; just stand back and admire them, and let them live out the last few days they have.”

via Prepare for the Cicada Invasion With This Creepy-Crawly Time-Lapse.

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