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Prepare for the Cicada Invasion With This Creepy-Crawly Time-Lapse

The cicada swarms are coming, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. You will step on a cicada shell, one will fall in your hair and that buzzing drone will haunt your entire summer. But instead of … Continue reading

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Morgan Freeman Falls Asleep During Live TV Interview

Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine star in a new film called Now You See Me. So they are, as one does, making the press junket interview rounds to hype the release. The dynamic duo recently appeared on Tacoma’s Fox affiliate … Continue reading

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Watch the planets dance in a triple conjunction – Crave

In just a few days, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus will come together in the night sky in what is known as the “Dance of the Planets”. Triple planetary conjunctions are relatively rare in the night sky, but astronomers are about … Continue reading

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Middle Earth: Why We Need to Turn Our Map on Its Side

Though he never actually crossed it, the Greek mathematician Pythagoras is sometimes credited with having first conceived of the Equator, calculating its location on the Earth’s sphere more than four centuries before the birth of Christ. Aristotle, who never stepped … Continue reading

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