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The Five Second Rule Will Make You Sick (And Maybe Dead)

With an unsettling *splat* your toast has once again landed butter-side down on the carpet. But it’s not like you’re going to waste another five minutes waiting for a replacement piece to brown. Heck no, just yell out “five second … Continue reading

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This NFC-Enabled Ring Stores Your Personal Data On Your Fingertips

Have you ever wanted to wave your hand to unlock a door or transfer your contact information by simply touching a phone? How about keeping all of your top secret passwords at arms length, literally? Well, with this Kickstarter-funded near … Continue reading

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The Days of Door-to-Door Mail Delivery Could Be Numbered

Every day, millions of people enjoy the simple luxury of a blue and grey-clad letter carrier showing up at their house and dropping the day’s mail on their doorstep. But if some Republican lawmakers get their way, this luxury may … Continue reading

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The Sweat-to-Water Purifier: Real-Life Dune Still Suit Will Save Lives

Nobody wants to drink their own processed urine like Kevin Costner did in Waterworld. Lord no, that’s disgusting. But drinking your own sweat like Kyle MacLachlan from Dune, now that’s the ticket. And with the help of this new distillation … Continue reading

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How to Get Rid of Gmails New Tabs And Why You Should

Gmail looks different this week! The new inbox system that automatically splits your new messages into stuff from Social, Promotions, etc. is finally out for everyone. Heres how to send it back from where it came from.OK, so the process … Continue reading

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