This NFC-Enabled Ring Stores Your Personal Data On Your Fingertips

Have you ever wanted to wave your hand to unlock a door or transfer your contact information by simply touching a phone? How about keeping all of your top secret passwords at arms length, literally? Well, with this Kickstarter-funded near field communication-enabled ring, all that could soon be possible.The technology behind the NFC ring is strikingly simple. Its nothing more than a titanium band and two inlays with NFC-ready chips in them. Theres a big one on the top of the ring for public information and a smaller one on the inside for private information. This is designed to enable the wearer to use different types of hand gestures in order to share different kinds of information.What that information might be is totally up the wearer. As suggested above, the NFC signal can perform simple tasks like unlocking a smartphone or your front door. You can store all kinds of personal data including URLs that you want to share easily with your friends, and even save the code for your Bitcoin fortune. It can be programmed to work as your key fob and actually serve as a replacement for your cars ignition button. This is all assuming the rings make it off of the assembly line in working order, of course.

via This NFC-Enabled Ring Stores Your Personal Data On Your Fingertips.

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