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iPhone user thinking of switching to Android? Read this first – The Next Web

Lots of people expected more from Apple’s announcement yesterday. If you’re not excited by the new iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s, and the prospect of upgrading to iOS 7 leaves you cold, we’ve got you covered.Change is hard, so if … Continue reading

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World’s First Invisible Tower Gets The Go-Ahead

Having spent an exorbitant amount of energy bemoaning the rise of vanity projects and novelty skyscrapers in recent weeks, a new tower set to rise on the outskirts of Seoul brings with it the tantalizing possibility of critical respite. GDS … Continue reading

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Scientists Have Found a Huge Underground Water Reserve in Kenya

This is incredible. Scientists have found an underground water reserve in Kenya so large that it could meet the entire countrys water needs for the next 70 years. Using satellite, radar and geological technology, scientists found an aquifer—an underground layer … Continue reading

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