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Windows XP infections rates likely to jump once Microsoft support ends | BGR

It’s been a good run, but stragglers might consider finally making the jump to a more recent Windows operating system after reading this report. Tim Rains, Director of Trustworthy Computing at Microsoft, reminded Windows users last week on a TechNet blog … Continue reading

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How Earth’s coastlines would look if all ice melted (bye Florida!)

National Geographic made precise maps on how Earth would look in the case all the planet\’s ice melted. The bad news: New York, San Francisco, New Orleans, London and other cool cities would be completely gone. The good news: the … Continue reading

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Floating Generator Transforms the Oceans Motions into MegaWatts

While winds may die and clouds may obscure the sun, nothing can stop the rhythmic lapping of ocean waves. Now, an Australian company hopes to harness that power and covert it to usable electricity with the most powerful wave-energy generator … Continue reading

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