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How to Be a Gentleman: 12 Timeless Tips | Lifehack

So you want to be a gentleman but don’t know where to start. Being a gentleman isn’t a personality quirk. It’s not something you turn on and off like a switch. It’s a lifestyle. Although it’s a reputation that’s hit the … Continue reading

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Perfect Phishing example

Prefect example of a fake message from Apple, always look at the from address and if unsure do not click on any links, go directly to the website.

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NASA is working on Star Trek healing devices—’it’s not sci-fi anymore’

NASA and Houston-based company GRoK Technologies will work on the development of new “breakthrough products,” noninvasive medical technologies designed to “regenerate bone and muscle tissues.” It really sounds like something out of Star Trek, but “it’s not just sci-fi anymore.” … Continue reading

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