iPhone 6c Photos: Concept shows colorful take on Apple’s iPhone 6 | BGR

In a world where technology has absolutely no limitations, smartphones are gorgeously slim devices with sleek designs endless battery life. They also don’t always have antennas, as we’ve seen in a number of sexy iPhone 6 concept designs. It’s still fun to look at talented graphic designers’ various visions of the future though, and a new one that actually looks somewhat believable emerged on Monday. Sadly, it will almost certainly never see the light of day.

According to numerous reports from industry watchers, the iPhone 5c is basically a flop. Sales were far lower than Apple was expecting and it was apparently forced to cut manufacturing orders almost immediately after the phone was announced.

According to a few reports, the iPhone 5c will be discontinued later this year when the iPhone 6 debuts, and no new similar phone will launch in its place.

via iPhone 6c Photos: Concept shows colorful take on Apple’s iPhone 6 | BGR.

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