Need-Based Grant Program

To those of us with children on the Autism Spectrum these acronyms are a part of our day to day lives.  Therapeutic interventions for children on the spectrum are crucial to the child’s development.  They provide a greater opportunity for the over-all  improvement of independent function in all aspects of everyday life.   However, not every family is fortunate enough to have proper insurance coverage or the financial wherewithal to pay for these important therapies that can sometimes top $1000 per month.

Our fundraising since 2011 has allowed us to award nearly $20,000.00 in needs-based grants to local families to fund autism-related therapies. All money was raised locally and spent locally. Our hope is that every year we can help even more families, so that we can continue to fund therapy and make a real difference in the lives of even more families in the Tampa Bay area who are in need.

via Need-Based Grant Program.

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