Meet the New Cold War, Same As the Old Cold War

Remember the Cold War? We basically spent half a century on the precipice of worldwide nuclear annihilation. Well, like it or not, the Cold War is back. In fact, it never really ended.Russia is invading old Soviet countries. China has put a robot on the moon. North Korea is the prime suspect in an enormous theft of documents over an American movie that ridicules its leader. Space Espionage! Military provocation! It’s like the world’s most terrifying episode of That 70s Show.That’s not news; the New Cold War even has its own Wikipedia page now. People are hosting international conferences with names “The Second Cold War: Heating Up?” But what’s interesting to me is how many parallels exist between the first Cold War and the one we’re in now.In reality, that’s largely because the first Cold War never actually ended. It might have adopted some shiny new technologies, different borders, and a slightly different cast, but it’s definitely a show we’ve seen in some version before.

via Meet the New Cold War, Same As the Old Cold War.

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