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Appetite ‘pacemaker’ tells you when you’re actually hungry

For some, the biggest challenge of reaching a healthy weight isn’t adjusting their diet or getting more exercise — it’s resisting pangs of hunger when they’ve already eaten enough. They might have a better time resisting that urge after today, … Continue reading

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Obama’s Plan to Loosen Comcast’s Stranglehold on Your Internet

President Obama glad-handed some network engineers in Cedar Falls, Iowa today. No, it was not a campaign stop. (He’s done running for president.) The commander-in-chief’s visit to the local utility office of Iowa’s first gigabit city is a mission statement: … Continue reading

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Google’s first test market for Project Ara will be Puerto Rico

Want to get your first taste of Project Ara, Google’s modular phone project? You might have to move to Puerto Rico. That’s because Google has designated the US territory as the market pilot site for Project Ara. Why Puerto Rico? … Continue reading

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Microsoft Has Ended Free Tech Support and Feature Updates for Windows 7

Unlucky for some: It’s January 13, 2015, and that means the end of free support for Windows 7. That doesn’t mean your computer is going to automatically stop working, but it does mean Microsoft will no longer offer free help and … Continue reading

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