Google’s first test market for Project Ara will be Puerto Rico

Want to get your first taste of Project Ara, Google’s modular phone project? You might have to move to Puerto Rico. That’s because Google has designated the US territory as the market pilot site for Project Ara. Why Puerto Rico? Well, according to Paul Eremenko, Project Ara’s lead, the island is very “well-connected” and has a designated free trade zone that would make it easy to get developer modules from around the world. Puerto Rico also apparently has a very diverse “mobile-first” market, and entry-level phones make up a great majority of sales. But perhaps more importantly, Puerto Rico is still under FCC jurisdiction and would therefore make a great test market for the US. The first two carriers to offer Project Ara will be Open Mobile and Claro, both of which offer 4G LTE coverage in addition to 3G. As for when exactly this will happen, well, Google didn’t say, but we’ll tell you as soon as they do.

via Google’s first test market for Project Ara will be Puerto Rico.

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