Video: See Lexus’ real-life hoverboard in action for the first time | BGR

Yes, the Lexus Slide hoverboard is real. And yes, the teaser videos showed an actual skateboard-like gadget that hovers above the ground, just like Marty McFly’s hoverboard from the Back To The Future trilogy. But the teasers didn’t do the hoverboard justice – so now the company finally released a video that shows the amazing device in action.

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At just over two minutes long, the new clip Lexus posted on YouTube is already going viral. The video shows a bunch of people trying out the hoverboard, using it just as you’d expect.

Spoiler alert: this hoverboard runs over water as well, so Marty McFly would definitely be green with envy over what Lexus has achieved here.

However, there’s a big but in this one: Lexus did make the impossible possible, as it says in its promotional videos. But… you can’t buy a hoverboard just yet. The gadget was conceived as a marketing stunt for the carmaker’s new vehicles, and it’s unlikely that Lexus is ready to sell commercial versions of the Slide.

The problem isn’t necessarily that a hoverboard is an expensive gadget – the price for it hasn’t even been mentioned – but that it requires special technology embedded in the ground in order for it to hover. In other words, as long as roads and skateboard parks like the one in the clip below lack this special magnetic tech, the device will be completely useless.

via Video: See Lexus’ real-life hoverboard in action for the first time | BGR.

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