Hoverboard World Record: Franky Zapata went 7,388 ft on a Flyboard Air | BGR

Last month, we were blown away by a new hoverboard video that was so amazing most everyone decided that it had to be fake. The hoverboard in question – dubbed the Flyboard Air – was built by Zapata Racing and featured seemingly impossible specs: autonomous flight up to 10,000 feet, a top speed of 93 mph and 10 minutes of flying time.

Well, in an effort to silence the haters and skeptics, Zapata Racing over the weekend was it again. This time, inventor Franky Zapata set out to set a new hoverboard record with the futuristic Flyboard Air. And whereas the first Flyboard Air video featured a lot of quick cuts and close-up shots – and thereby bolstering the notion that the video received the special effects treatment – the video that Zapata Racing filmed over the weekend is, dare we say, easier to take at face value.What’s more, the recent Flyboard Air demonstration took place in front of a crowd of invited journalists, photographers and Guinness World Record officials. In short, maybe this crazy futuristic device is actually the real deal. As for the new hoverboard record, Zapata managed to take the Flyboard Air on a 7,388 foot journey. Highlights of the record-breaking trip can be seen via the two videos below.

See more: Hoverboard World Record: Franky Zapata went 7,388 ft on a Flyboard Air | BGR

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