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Portal router aims to deliver us from congested WiFi

What happens when former Qualcomm engineers decide to build a router of their own? You get something like Portal, an innocuous looking device that aims to speed up WiFI networks using technology never before seen in consumer routers. It supports … Continue reading

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A Quick Refresher on How Computer Memory Works

RAM, DRAM, SRAM, SSD, HDD. The language of computer memory, like most other components of computers and smartphones, is a collection of alphabet soup. So it can be difficult to wrap your brain around what exactly those collection of letters … Continue reading

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Windows 10 Upgrades Will Cost $120 Starting July 30th, So Go Do It Now

Free upgrades to Microsoft’s latest operating system are running out soon. On June 30th, one year after the release of Windows 10, anyone who hasn’t already upgraded will have to shell out $119 to move up to the latest and … Continue reading

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Hoverboard World Record: Franky Zapata went 7,388 ft on a Flyboard Air | BGR

Last month, we were blown away by a new hoverboard video that was so amazing most everyone decided that it had to be fake. The hoverboard in question – dubbed the Flyboard Air – was built by Zapata Racing and … Continue reading

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