This Giant Claw-Handed Drone Is Coming For Your Kids

Most drones aren’t particularly scary. Aside from maybe gashing you open if they crash into you, there’s not much harm they can do. Until you add a pair of articulated arms with claws on the end, which turns drones into some kind of giant cyborg eagle ready to snatch babies and the elderly right off their feet.

Developed by a Japanese company called ProDrone, the PD6B-AW-ARM, which just sounds technical and terrifying, swaps a hanging camera, or an Amazon delivery, for a pair of custom-developed robotic arms that aren’t just limited to random acts of theft from above. The arms also allow the drone to perch on precarious areas that would otherwise be difficult for it to land on, or move around patio furniture, as demonstrated in this video that tries to convince us this thing is designed to help mankind, not assist in wiping us out.

Source: This Giant Claw-Handed Drone Is Coming For Your Kids


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