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Americans Waste $2.1 Billion a Year on Premium Gas

Do you put premium gasoline in your car? You’re probably wasting your money. A new study by AAA found that 16.5 million Americans had filled up their cars with premium gas unnecessarily in the past year. That’s $2.1 billion, completely … Continue reading

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Go Exchange Your Explodey Galaxy Note 7 Right Now

Samsung is rolling out mass quantities of replacement Galaxy Note 7 devices to carrier stores. The company says it has shipped more than 500,000 new Note 7 devices to carrier and retail stores and customers can go in for an … Continue reading

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AT&T’s Project AirGig could be a wireless alternative to fiber

Bringing gigabit internet to rural areas is usually an expensive proposition — but soon, it might not be. AT&T Labs today announced Project AirGig, a new wireless internet delivery system that carriers high speed internet service over power-lines without actually … Continue reading

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Nike’s self-lacing HyperAdapt shoes go on sale November 28th

Nike designer Tinker Hatfield promised us power-lacing shoes to mimic the kicks from Back to the Future in 2016, and now we know what day they’ll go on sale. The Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 will be available at “select” retail locations … Continue reading

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