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Watch Out: This Facebook Scam Exploits Robin Williams’ Death for Clicks

Have you seen Facebook posts claiming to link to a video message that actor Robin Williams made before his death earlier this week? Do not click on it — the video does not exist. The post was created by scammers … Continue reading

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11 Tech Support Questions My Mom Has Asked Me And How I Answered

Being a tech blogger has made me the default tech support for my family. Especially for my mother. While she\’s pretty savvy, all things considered, she still asks me some pretty funny questions.Rather than getting frustrated that she can\’t remember … Continue reading

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Sweden Is Closing Prisons Due to Lack of People to Put In Them

As the prison population spirals out of control in the United States, Sweden finds itself with an interesting and opposite predicament: it has too many prisons and not enough prisoners. For this reason, the Scandinavian country recently decided to shutter … Continue reading

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Clash of the titans: iOS 7 vs Android 4.3 comparison

One of the most heated \”debates\” within the wireless industry is the one between iOS and Android fans. In case it isnt obvious, weve put \”debate\” in quotes, because its much more of a flame war, rather than a civilized … Continue reading

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Apple iPhone 5s vs. HTC One: Which phone should you get? | iMore

The iPhone 5s is the latest, greatest new handset from Apple, and while the HTC One may not be the latest Android handset on the market, by many accounts, its still the greatest. Unlike many of its Android competitors, it … Continue reading

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The Things Nobody Tells You About Grief

Great information please click on the link and read. Via: Lifehacker (click here) STR

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Android vs. iPhone: Why Apple still has the edge over Google’s operating system. – Slate Magazine

Six years ago, Google launched an unconventional effort to gain a toehold in the growing smartphone business. Rather than make its own phones, the way Apple was beginning to do, the search company decided to make only half a phone: … Continue reading

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Puerto Rico delegate seeks vote for statehood

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico AP — Puerto Ricos representative in Congress is seeking an unprecedented yes-or-no vote on whether the island should become the 51st state, submitting a bill Wednesday that riled many in the U.S. territory.The proposal by Pedro … Continue reading

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Campaign Mocks A&F CEO by Donating Brands Clothes to Homeless [VIDEO]

An online campaign is attempting to “rebrand” Abercrombie & Fitch by donating its clothes to the homeless, after an author alleged that company CEO Mike Jeffries “doesnt want larger people shopping in his store.”The comments, made by Robin Lewis, were … Continue reading

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Living with WIN 8

I have recently switched fully over to win8 and I can see how it takes getting used to, but I find myself thinking less and less about the interface. It’s becoming more and more transparent. I find its more about … Continue reading

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