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Could Ovary Transplants Defy the Female Body Clock?

Women may be able to have babies later in life thanks to ovary transplants. A handful of women worldwide have undergone the experimental procedure and had babies after menopause. Did science just reset how we think about the female body … Continue reading

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A Really Simple Explanation of What This Higgs Boson Thing Is

So while you were out drinking beer and shooting guns at hamburgers yesterday, science found “the God particle.” But, uh, if you didnt already know what that was, you were probably too drunk or are too hungover to read anything … Continue reading

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Is Skyping Without a Headset in Public Obnoxious?

There are some perks to working as a blogger, and one of them is that anywhere with Wi-Fi is your office. Great! But often times, when working in a coffee shop for instance, you experience some outrageous behavior. Right now, … Continue reading

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This Message from NORAD Announced Global Nuclear War—In 1971

Ten bells, and not seven trumpets, announced the apocalypse on February 20, 1971. It was 10:33AM, and teletypes in every single radio and TV station across the country rang those bells to announce an incoming message that nobody had received … Continue reading

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Your Fat Thumb Could Let You Navigate Your Smartphone Single-Handedly

Thanks to researchers at the University of Calgary, you no longer have to be ashamed of your gigantic thumbs. In fact, their Fat Thumb smartphone interface takes advantage of your opposable digits monstrous dimensions to let you fully interact with … Continue reading

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